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    eTransfer to Canada possible with Banco Santa Cruz?

    I am not familiar with eTransfer. Is it possible to do with Banco Santa Cruz? Thank you for information.
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    Best way to go from Cabarete/Sosua to Punta Cana now when Carretera Turistica is ready?

    I have always driven through Nagua then the toll road to avoid Santo Dominga chaos when going to Punta Cana. Now I see this by pass road North of Santo Domingo. Anyone taken this road? Meaning first Carretera Turistica, then the bypass of Santiago and then bypass of Santo Domingo. According to...
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    Vaccination in Sosua - Where and when?

    As I understand it is behind the town hall, right? But do they have any schedule when they are there? Living in Cabarete, so I would like to go there again without anybody being there Thank you very much for info
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    Driver license renewal in Puerto Plata

    Hi, I know they have change place, anyone knows to where? Also, the process, pay at banreservas and then receipt to go to Puerto Plata? I forgot...4 years is a long time. :rolleyes: Thanks for info!
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    Golf course in Costambar open?

    Anybody knows if the Los Mangos golf course is open again?
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    Condition of Carretera Turistica road

    Anybody that has driven this road lately? It will be with a Jeep. Went the Moca Sabaneta road last week and it was bad after all the rain. Any info asap appreciated.
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    Sending money from Europe to DR - What is the best way?

    Now you cannot send money to a DR account from many European countries. Anyone know the best, easiest and cheapest way now? Say 3000 Euro, at Western Union I guess it is 7%... How do you do send money here? Information asap very much appreciated!
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    Claro Internet in Cabarete – anyone else have problems?

    The Claro fiber has always been excellent but this weekend on and off. Anyone else have same problems?
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    No sound on CBS... Cable de norte

    No sound on CBS on my TV and it´s the last day of masters. I had similar problems before sometimes but then I could fix it switching between right/left speaker. Now it does not work :( Anybody has the same issue?
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    Threads deleted and closed - Dying forum...

    I posted a question about where to buy school pants in Sosua/Cabarete area a couple of days ago. Link does not work now. I also noted that some threads are randomly closed my mods. When I came here 2002 DR1 was a great source of information and almost the only one. Now FB is the main source of...
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    School uniform (pants) Sosua/Cabarete

    Anyone knows if I can by these regular blue pants somewhere in Sosua or Cabarete? Charamicos? I know where in Puerto Plata, but really don´t like to go there. Thanks.
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    Fake/toy gun that sounds like a real gun...

    What I know you need permit for Air Guns. Is there any place on the NC that sell some gun/rifle that just make it sound like a real gun/rifle? I will just shoot in the air to scare...
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    Monte Cristi - Living there. Any advice?

    I noticed there is not even a forum for North East. I have been to Monte Cristi several times and really like it. So quiet and some very nice beaches. I am thinking of running away from the high season here on the North Coast and move there for 6 months. Any advice? Safety is a priority. Where...
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    Golf course in Las Terrenas? Or is just a sale pitch (my thinking) with photos from another golf course or an existing green with two bunkers... ?
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    Huelga in Navarrete today?

    I heard that there is going to be a huelga in Navarrete. I was supposed to pass by there today, but thinking of staying one more night in Monte Cristi. Huelga in Navarrrete is never a good thing. Been there, done that... Thanks for any info
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    Where to find books for a 15 year old boy?

    Where on the North Coast can I find spanish books for a 15 year old? I know La Sirena in Pop, but very expensive. Thanks for information.
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    School in Soisua/Cabarete area for 15 year old

    What would be the best option for school for a 15 year old (Dominican) in Cabarete/Sosua area? Meaning starting the 9th year? Gardenkids and International school is too pricy... Other good options when living in Cabarete? Which are the options for Public school or private school? Thank you...
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    Is it not time for Cable de Norte to change its name to "No hay señal"

    Gracias a Dios that Claro is coming in here big with Internet and TV
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    Sending money from Sosua/Cabarete to Santiago - How?

    Needs to be immediate and no local bank account available. Best/cheapest way? Remittance/consignment at the bank? Please advice asap. Thanks
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    airline with fully refundable ticket from Punta Cana

    Hi, I will fly in with Condor but then they don´t have the refundable ticket option. (I have the Permanent residency but it has expired a couple of weeks). What airline offers a full refundable ticket from Punta Cana? I might have to show that when I check-in in Germany. Thx in advance