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    FREE GOATS (2) in Esperanza, near Santiago/Navarrete

    My wife's parents had a goat that gave birth April 13th. Unfortunately, the mother was poisoned (imagine that) and the goats need a home. I'm not sure at about 6 weeks if they still need special care. Anyone who knows a place to take them OR would like to come and get them, let me know...
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    When I lived in Cabarete before I stayed in Ocean Point 2, now some other name, and liked the location. There is a Brit manager there who is quite hard to deal with, so would not want to stay there again, but looking on Kite Beach and OP 1 in particular, but don't want to psend more than $1500 a...
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    PERMANENT US WORK VISA for Haitian Resident

    Last time in the Dominican Republic through a friend I met an amazing Haitian woman who works at a non-profit in Cabarete. Markedly intelligent and hard working. I gave her a ride home from work one day so the trip would be a LOT shorter. Had a nice talk with her and said that if I could help...
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    Best Technical School for CEL PHONE Course

    My wife's nephew wants to take a Cel Phone repair course in Santiago. Think it would be good for him, as the educating he is receiving in Esperanza is poor. He won't be going to college. He can barely write a sentence. He seems like a relatively smart kid, though. Am wondering if anyone has...
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    MOTORCYCLE for cruising around DR

    Posted before about moto a while back. Since then, bought a moto (Honda CRF250) in the US and learned how to ride. Looking for a moto here of around 200-250cc, used bike, OR if people have bought the cheaper Chinese offroad version and have had success, then possibly that. I believe they are...
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    CHINA resident requirement for entry to DR

    Any Chinese here who know if there are any special requirements for entry to DR for a tourist visit?? --also for a work visa. ....thanks!!
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    LAWYER FEE for TITLE for small finca

    Am buying a super small amount of farmland, 5 tareas, (about 1 acre) from a larger parcel from a person with title to the property. Property cost is 50,000 per tarea or 250,000 total. Have received quote from lawyer for about $1000 in fees to complete the transfer. This sounds expensive-...
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    Driver Rate for one week

    Have been using the same driver for 4 years and he has always been reasonable. My wife and sister-in-law are going to DR for 8 days and his rate is 6000 from Santiago airport to Cabarete and 3500 per day to drive, BUT they won't need to be transported all that much. He will be driving MY CAR. He...
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    Sending Mountain BIKES to DR

    Want to send 2 used mountain bikes (price range of 600 or so new, 250 or so used, year 2000 and up) to DR for some kids to use. I live in Wisconsin and to ship a bike to a Mudanza is probably more expensive than to ship to DR. So, do I buy a bike close to the Mudanza and have them pick it up...
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    CELL PHONE Question

    I have an Ifon 5 from a dinky little company called Cellcom in the US. Wondering how much it is to convert to DR use, and where is the cheapest reliable place to do that. I will be using data, mostly when I'm biking for route guidance, not voice calls. How much does data cost, and will it work...
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    Bringing road bike to DR

    Any tips on bringing a road bike to DR via United Air?? I'll be transporting it in a plastic case. Guessing fairly straightforward, however one nevr knows. Thanks
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    Areas to ride ROAD BIKE near MAO

    I will be in Esperanza, Valverde Mao, about 30 min. NW of Santiago for XMAS. I'm bringing a cross bike, basically a road bike with knobby tires. Anybody have recommendations of where to ride, who to contact?? I'm looking for lesser traveled, ideally dirt or gravel roads.
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    Country list of VISA requirement for Dominicans

    Unsure as to whether this site has been posted before. It is the best site regarding visa requirements for Dominicans that I have found. >>Visa requirements for Dominican Republic citizens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Car Registration Question

    I have a Dominican wife and am wondering if it would be better for our car to be registered under her name. I am sure this is advantageous if she is driving, but what about if I'm driving and someone hits me?? I suppose this would also apply to the motorcycle I want to buy. Better to have in...
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    Want to buy MOTORCYCLE- recommendations, please

    The last frank12 video is so gorgeous (and having watched all his past videos) it has convinced me to buy a motorcycle and explore the island like he does. Here are some notes that may help determine what bike I should have: 1. I'm 44, 6"2",190, athletic- have done a lot of mountain biking 2. I...
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    Punta Rucia Questions

    Anybody been to the new Punta Rucia Lodge?? They have a fishing excursion. Has anybody done that?? Has anybody seen the manatee?? Are they worth seeing?? ...thanks
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    All things Dominican, NYC

    Headed to New York City with my Dominican wife to see a few shows, xplore the city. Any recommendations on Dominican restaurants in or near NYC?? There are 2 in Zagat-- El Malecon and Mamajuana, that sound OK. Are there any Dominican highlights in or near NYC we might want to explore??
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    Forum like DR1 for Nicaragua???? Visa required for Dominicans??

    This forum has been absolutely great to use and has helped me tremendously. I think it is really a work of genius in that it is so well organized and easy to use. I'm traveling to Nicaragua with a friend soon, and wondering if there is anything remotely the same for Nicaragua OR people with...
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    Cost/Advice for building MOTORCYCLE TRAILER

    My XMAS present to my wife's brother Leo is a trailer for his moto to use to cart supplies for his colmado. Leo wants to build it. He can build anything. However, am thinking that a welder can buy steel cheaper and the price could come out about even with the minimal cost of labor added in. Am I...
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    Selling my car in the DR

    Hey, Have a few questions about selling my car. Have a Jeepeta which I paid 525,000 used from a used car dealer. I added about 10,000 miles. It is still in similar condition as when I bought it. How much less is it now worth selling privately as compared to buying from a dealer?? My friend...