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    Best hotel for teens (one with autism) in Playa Dorada development?

    I am taking my two sons to Puerto Plata for a week in February. My 12 year old has high-functioning autism and will be sticking with me and doing pretty simple stuff. He will like a nice pool, a decent room, TV, reasonably good food choices. Our other son is 14 and will want to have...
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    autistic child at Breezes, Puerta Plata

    We are arriving on Wednesday and are wondering what might be the best building. Our 10 year old has high functioning autism, so we want to be on the second floor (wandering issues) and away from the street and cars. We would like to see the pool or ocean because that keeps him amused and happy...
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    Allegro Punta Cana is closed and I would appreciate advice!

    Apparently the hotel is closed until December 1, and we are scheduled to be there in late November. We have never been to Punta Cana and are taking two children (8 and 6) with us. The younger child has high functioning autism and we want to ensure his safety and both boy's enjoyment. We are...