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    changing your departure date

    I have a friend who is coming to the DR in a couple of weeks for a 1 week stay. While she's here she'll be looking for an apartment in Puerto Plata (probably Costambar). When she finds one (being very optimistic here) she will change her departure date to 4 months down the road. Being a...
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    Pizza Hut

    Good Afternoon, I'm trying to find out if the Pizza Hut is closed. The one that was at Playa Dorada? Anyone have any insight? If it is closed, any recommendations for good pizza in POP? Thanks a bunch!
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    Campeonato Latinoamericano 2013

    Hi, Can anyone direct me on how to watch this tournament online from Canada? I've tried the golf channel but found no links to this tournament. Tried to find something locally in POP but no luck either. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    tournament today??

    Good afternoon, Just a quick question, is there a golf tournament happening today at Playa Dorada Golf club? Thanks very much
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    Another tournament this week-end??

    Hello, Just wondering if there is another golf tournament this week-end at Playa Dorada. I know about the charity next week-end...just wondering if there is something going on THIS week-end. Thanks!
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    Father's Day

    Hello Folks, Just want to verify when Fathers Day is in the DR. Last Sunday of June or last Sunday in July? Thanks:bunny:
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    Doctors working today

    Good Morning Everyone, Just curious if the Drs in DR are working today regardless of the holiday. What about clinics...would they be open regardless of the holiday? Thank p.s. curious about Puerto Plata only !
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    Marien Shopping Centre

    Good Morning fellow DR 1'ers. I'm looking to see if there is a strip of little shops between Grand Oasis Marien and Ibostar. I've been told it's called Marien Shopping Centre and you can see the stores from the road. You must pass the stores on your way to a casino which is located on this...
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    hotel name please..

    Good Morning Everyone, I'm looking for the proper name of a hotel in Puerto Plata. It's on the right hand side of the highway as your driving from Playa Dorada heading into Puerto Plata. I think it has pink'ish cloured pillars our front and I also believe it's pretty new. I also think there is a...
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    Travel requirements for all countries

    I don't know if this is ok or not but I'm going to submit it anyway. I found this page that gives you quick info about whether visas are required for specifc destinations. You just enter your citizenship and the page loads if visas are required for a whole bunch of places around the world...
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    orange issues

    Can anyone please tell me if there has been any issues with Orange getting calls/text messages into or off the island within the past 24 hrs? I've been told that Orange has been down at least once this week, I'm looking to see if it was down specically on Sat. within the city of Puerto...
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    Accomodations in between..

    Hello.. I'm looking to find acc. somewhere between 45-65us a night in Samana. I've found lots of places in Las Terrenas and Galeras but not in Samana(city). Just for a few days. Not real comfortable with the "Casa de Huespedes" places which are about 500-1500 peseos. Maybe if they had better...
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    Good Afternoon All, I'm trying to research the pricing of Taxi licenses. I'm looking for the ball park figures of cost and payments. I realize that you're restricted by the type of license you have. IE: one license will allow you to pick up/drop off in certain areas but not in others. Some...
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    Toronto-Long Branch-Salsa Dance May 23

    Good Morning All, Please check out the link below for further details about the 3rd Salsa Dance this year. My dance instructor puts them on each month. Good crowd from Toronto and surrounding area usually show up. Have a good one!
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    Toronto March 28..Salsa Social!

    Hello Everyone! If anyone is interested, Salsa Dance Productions is hosting a night of dancing Friday March 28 at the Legion at Long Branch. Good tunes....great dance drinks...4$. Salsa Merengue and Bachata. Great bunch of people also.See below for more info. Going to be a great...
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    Hispaniola and Casino

    Good Morning everyone, I'm looking for some input about the Hispaniola in Santo Domingo. Rates seem to be pretty good but I'd like some references about quality of hotel ie..rooms,service, whats close by..entertainment wise. I'm coming down in Aug for 2 weeks. Thanks for any info! Have a great...