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    Eyes right.

    Has anyone here had recent cataract surgery in the DR,any town or clinic,and would like to share their experiences?
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    Self-Driving Cars

    Just been watching DV8's heartthrob James May talking about autonomous cars and that got me thinking about how they would function over here. With all the algorithms set to conform to normal driving practice and regulations built into the program I can imagine them sitting in the traffic...
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    Ranco Tipico Sosua

    Just heard they did the usual 'underaged minor on the premises' trick yesterday and closed it down. If true then it's yet another gringo run place closed. Does anyone have more info.?
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    Adventure anyone?

    I am hideously bored living in the paradise of the Dominican Republic. I could probably add most of the Caribbean as well but where O where can one find some adventure? I am absolutely not interested in sitting on a beach or seeing yet another 'Beautiful Paradise Beach' or chasing 'love for...
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    Birds and Bees

    I was just sitting out on my balcony and there is a splendid Avocado tree in full view a few metres (Yards for our NA readers) away and was fascinated by the antics of the Mocking birds. There is a handsome male who has been hopping along the wall all day doing his best chirpy chirp and showing...
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    Bats in the DR

    I don't see much in the way of bats around in the North Coast area. Wiki tells me that there are bats in the DR but I can't recall seeing any. Has someone got some personal experience on this and not the google results?
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    Circular Logic

    I now know how the selection process works for guachimen. I arrive this morning on my push-bike at the gate of a famous Sosua gated community this morning to go see a friend playing tennis. Me: "I'm going to the tennis courts". Guachie:"This gate is not to be used. Use the main gate." Me...
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    Still alive.

    I have an insurance policy in Belgium due for payout and they are asking for proof that I'm still alive, ( a rather Kafkaesque scenario.) Apparently one goes to the local Mairie in Belgium and gets a certificate of the non-dead and that's it but I'm pretty sure that will not work in the...
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    History: Flying boats

    I've seen mention somewhere about a flying boat base around SF de Macoris in the past but failed to find any further info. Can anyone help out?
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    Diesel workshop

    Can anyone really recommend a good workshop to rebuild my Mitsubishi 2.5T diesel engine? Anywhere in the country, I don't mind. Is it even possible to get a proper job done or should I get a used engine? New is out of the question.They ask silly money. I'm fed up of half-finished jobs and more...
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    law for motorcycles

    I'm not trying to be sarcastic but do motorcycles have to obey the same rules as vehicles? I see them using one-ways the wrong way, busting red lights, driving on the wrong side, overloading, small kids driving and far more other dangerous manoeuvres all under the noses of the AMET with...
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    Passions opened but closed down again?

    Heard that Passions was closed down again last night just a few days after opening. There's no sticker on the door. Anyone confirm this??
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    Centre of SDO to Las Americas

    I've tried google and Dr1 search but no satisfactory conclusion. First-hand info is always better. Has anyone recently done the trip from the Caribe tours or Metro terminal in Santo Domingo direct to Las Americas on reliable public transport? (No rip-off private shuttles or taxis!) I'm trying...
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    Not nice!

    We had a member who wanted to know what we liked about the DR. Poor bugger was shot down in flames by you ack ack DR antis. I'm not a great fan of some of the BS that goes down here as I have frequently posted, but ,hey folks, step back and have a look at our lives in this dystrophyian...
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    Ministerio Publico

    Can someone explain to me please in English what exactly is this Ministry and what is its power and responsibility? What would be the equivalent office in the US or Europe? Thanks.
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    Shell Shock

    I love the eggs over here but couldn't get my usual brand so bought some different ones. Are they feeding the chickens limestone? Normally a light tap with a teaspoon or back of the knife suffices to crack 'em neatly but after this lot my cutlery drawer looks like Yuri Geller dropped by...
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    X mas collection agency

    I notice that the AMET has started their collection for the holiday. They are seriously looking for gringo vehicles to stop for fantasy violations and generous donations so be careful out there. I just dodged two, one at Sosua Abajo and another starting up near Rosen. Others will shortly follow...
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    I think plaudits are in order for our fabulous Sosua Mayor and I hope you will all join with me in my appreciation. In the short term in office this administration has successfully put hundreds of people out of work, effectively stifled real investment and destroyed a fair part of tourism to...
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    Diesel in NC

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced bad diesel fuel recently from the Texaco in Sosua or Coastal? My Monterito diesel is smoking like crazy and idling badly and is difficult to start. Normally it kicks in as soon as the starter swings but these days takes a few cranks and then...
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    There are so many threads bashing Sosua at the moment that we need to form a defense so I propose League in Defense of Sosua. (LINDOS). Not a rabble of tattooed, uniformed, weapon-toting skinheads but Dr1-ers armed with a keyboard and rapier wit whose task is to weed out trolls and socks...