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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Hope justice is served. Lindsay really seemed like a great lady.
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    FWIW, the problem is everywhere. Basic sedans are going for 90-110 USD or more in the States. It's a combination of the pandemic sell-off rental companies used to stay afloat, the huge influx of pent-up tourism, and the shortage of computer chips for new cars. Supply and demand on a epic level.
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    Restaurant Prices Shooting Up

    It's quaint to see some of you continue to go out of your way to amuse me. As with most on this thread/board, I don't live there full-time. However, I spend about a third of the year there, and know where the grocery stores and restaurants are. I'll note that you're the only person claiming to...
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    Restaurant Prices Shooting Up

    So, I looked at the "Exchange Rate" forum on this site. Two years ago, the exchange rate was about 50 to 1(USD). Today, it's closer to 58. That's a significant increase. Include that with inflation and Covid shortages, along with NA tourists willing to pay near anything to feel like they're...
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    The timelines are varied out here. In NA, it's becoming a logistical problem, as there are 20M doses available, but undistributed. I, frankly, got lucky. I was shopping in my local supermarket. Pharmacies are rapidly gaining favor as distribution points. They had a few people who missed their...
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    It's going to take some time for the vaccines to be generally available. Until then, mutations will be a concern. They seem to have greater transmissibility and cause more serious illness. That said, when fully immunized, the research coming in seems to indicate one does stand a far better...
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    Vin Diesel's shirt fires up social media

    Back on topic. This isn't about going into a restaurant or a bank. It was a meeting with the President of the Dominican Republic. President Abinader is the representative of the Dominican people, and a chance to meet with him should be treated with respect. You show respect to the office...
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    Negative Covid Test To Required By All Travelers To The US

    Good. That should help.
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    New entry procedures

    Interesting. I've probably flown in to DR nearly 80 times in the past two decades. Generally, I fly American or Delta, two US-based legacy airlines. I've done Spirit once. Never had a problem or issue of any type at the airport. They were very nice, and I generally had my boarding pass in...
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    Looking to Build a Home in Puerto Plata

    First, Welcome to DR1 Whatever you end up doing, please post your progress here. We haven't had a construction/reno thread in here in some time, and it would be nice to follow your efforts. Buena suerte!
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Unfortunately, it's pretty bad everywhere, but certainly problematic in the US. The UK is going under full lockdown as of this week, and I imagine more restrictions are coming to certain cities and states in the US in short order. I watched NBC Nightly News, yesterday, and there were stories of...
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Well, of course, Windy. So is every bug that's plagued mankind since day one. We develop immunity one way or the other, and keep it moving. Sometimes it's the common cold, sometimes it's bubonic plague. That appears to be the overall goal. The social distancing and mask policies aren't meant to...
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Versus what, tossing dozens or more into bars? In a bar or behind them, crowding is an issue. I imagine the threat of jail is meant as a deterrence more than a health policy. The only way this (finally getting the bug under control until there's an easily available and affordable vaccine), is...
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Please. Everybody reading this who has a lick of sense to them, which may be a stretch in some cases, knows full well that I am referring to immigrants. expats from North America and Europe primarily . Probably because I said immigrants in my post. Your attempt to turn this into some sort...
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Please. You are trying to make a buck, I get that. Lots of people are. Many grouse, but it takes a special kind of person (and not in a good way)to be willing to put people's safety at risk so they can make a profit. Look, it's not my fault people don't set up emergency funds or have...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Hopefully you're right about the availability, Windy. The Oxford vaccine is popular because it's reportedly relatively easy to make, stores at "normal" temperatures (a regular refrigerator will do), only one shot is required (although two are recommended), and it's much cheaper than the other...
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Please. The natives aren't stupid enough to put others at risk for a damn drink, and because they think they have some sort of magical understanding of how viruses are transmitted. DR is going into shutdown mode, largely because of bad choices like the ones you enjoy promoting. Hopefully...
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    All flights from UK about to be banned

    Well, I'm not blaming any state in particular, Bob. International travel rules are a federal thing. Personally, I would do as they require in Hawaii for international flights. Anybody who wants to get on a plane to DR (or anywhere else, for that matter) has to submit to a rapid test prior to...
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    All flights from UK about to be banned

    Covid can kill. The public hospital there are atrocious, and have nowhere near the proper facilities. Every time you come into contact with someone not wearing a mask, there's a chance you could be getting or spreading infection. This is basic first aid level knowledge. The problem isn't that...
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    Gun Laws

    I think it serves its purpose of discouraging pistol and gun ownership in general. I found some data online, though I'm unsure of the reliability of the source (there was a paywall). Turns out homicides have gone down significantly as guns laws have become more strict, but most homicides are...