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    Easy, fast Covid testing if flying to the US

    Thank you, sir.
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    Easy, fast Covid testing if flying to the US

    My apologies up front because no doubt it’s been answered repeatedly elsewhere… the test is with a swab or blood test?
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    New Software

    I’d like to add another vote for restoring tapatalk support
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    Registering with Aduanas as User of Courier Services

    A friend who is a client of EPS was asked to go online and provide their personal data , name, address, cedula, etc to aduanas. I was at EPS today and nothing was mentioned to me. Anyone else been asked to do this?és/consultas/registro-courier
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    Temp to Permanent Residency - a tale of 220 days

    For whomever it may help, here's the process with timeline that I followed to change from temporary to permanent residency. 220 calendar days total. I managed the entire process without assistance with exception of some clues from other DR1 threads - thanks, everyone! Received residency &...
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    El Patrón restauranf Cabarete

    Road signs advertising this Mexican restaurant for months now... is it open? Anyone know where it is or will be located?
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    Pick up residency card before date assigned?

    I’ve been given a date online to go pick up my residency renewal at DGM. There is advice of a 1000 peso fee if I go on another date. Has anyone gone BEFORE the assigned date and successfully obtained your residency card?
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    US Medical Veterans Assistance DR

    To anyone who may be interested, I had an ad pop up on Instagram. "Serving U.S. veterans in the DR"
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    US Passport Services Available - Puerto Plata

    Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday (April 24-26) passport applications and renewals are being processed at the US consular agency in Puerto Plata from 9am to 11am. I needed to submit a renewal application. I was in and out of the office in 20 minutes. I was told delivery in approx 3 weeks...
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    Air Europa Santo Domingo to Madrid - how is economy class?

    How good/bad is economy class on Air Europa? I've never flown them... and now at over 6' tall possibly facing an 8 hour flight in economy. How is space? Business class is about $1500 more so I'm not crazy about that idea.
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    Using a corporation for car ownership?

    Any input on pros/cons of using a corporation as a holding company for a vehicle? It's my understanding that by doing so, financial and legal liability is limited to the assets of the corporation in case of an accident - which would essentially be the car itself. The corporation (most likely...
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    Courier Service from Spain to DR?

    Is anyone aware of an EPS/Encargopaq type service from Spain to DR. I'm considering shipping a box that's about the size of a 2 large suitcases. Would probably send it ocean as the contents wouldn't warrant an air shipment.
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    U.S. citizen applying for Brazilian tourist visa in Santo Domingo

    Any U.S. citizens who have applied recently for Brazilian tourist visa in Santo Domingo? Curious what the experience was like and any suggestions to insure the process runs smoothly? Thanks!
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    European resident of DR wants to buy/sell US stocks

    Any European citizens out there, resident in DR, who have managed to open a brokerage account from DR and are successfully buying/selling U.S. stocks? I have a friend attempting to do so. Any suggestions on how to accomplish it? Situation: European citizen, long time legal resident of DR...
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    Where to stay to see Elton John?

    Any suggestions of a place to stay for just the night of the show? Not high end, not a caba?a. Just reasonably close, clean, safe, and comfortable.
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    A Jackass in Cabarete

    Steve-O from MTV's Jackass fame was in Cabarete earlier this week, and he apparently had a helluva time. "Surfing my ****in ass off over here! The Dominican Republic is my new favorite country. I've travelled a whole lot, and I can't recommend coming here more. I have not seen a single street...
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    Not a good week for foreigners in DR

    adding to the list... French citizen stabbed in Puerto Plata HIEREN Y ATRACAN FRANC?S EN EL SECTOR LOS SALADOS DE LUPERON US citizen found dead in hotel room in Sosua ENCUENTRAN EL CUERPO SIN VIDA DE TURISTA NORTEAMERICANO EN LA HABITACI?N DE HOTEL DONDE SE ESTABA HOSPEDADO Cuban (long time...
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    Cabarete/Sosua Among World's Best Retirement Beaches

    Dec 9, 2013... US News and World Report says... 2. Sosua/Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Where the verdant green jungle hills slope into the crystal-blue waters off the north coast of the Dominican Republic rest the sand-fringed towns of Sosua and neighboring Cabarete. These are beachfront...
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    Three years to officially close a business.

    The title pretty much says it all. Filed documents to cease operations/close a corporation (acta de registro de disoluci?n de sociedad) in June 2010. July 25, 2013 they finally dated and returned the document to us. To be honest, had completely forgotten about it until the documents were...
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    Super Sexy CPR

    Excellent instructional video... if you have a hand free, take notes