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    No more Covid test required for entry to USA

    Source is CNBC
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    No more Covid test required for entry to USA

    USA has dropped the requirement for international flyers to the USA beginning Sunday. Travelers were required to show proof of a negative test a day before flying to the U.S. The travel industry had repeatedly urged the administration to drop the testing requirements. The change takes effect...
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    Marileidy Paulino wins her third Diamond League 400m race

    Dominican's should be very proud of this lady. She is world class and carries herself with grace and dignity.
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    puerto plata taxi driver that speaks english

    PM me for info.
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    Bridge failure affects traffic between Puerto Plata and Sosua

    This bridge has been in disrepair for ages. The traffic to and from the airport from Puerto Plata on a daily basis is consistent and voluminous. Large buses pass daily and yet it seems as if it was decided somewhere to just wait until there is a collapse or near calamity before doing anything...
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    Much safer in the DR than the USA

    I am from Georgia and I have lived here 20 years and have never been robbed or threatened in any way. When I lived in Georgia I was never robbed or threatened in any way. I guess I am a lucky guy.
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    Santo Domingo tap water

    I have lived in Cofresi for 20 years and in answer to the questions about using tap water my reply is I have used it for everything but to drink or make ice. This is from Coraapplata Water. Never gotten sick. I think it depends on where you get your water from.
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    Ministry of Education launches English as a second language program in public schools

    With all due respect, once again the intention is good but the action is suspect. Already many have commented on what is universally accepted. That is, start language as early as possible. You can debate 2nd grade or 3rd grade but 11th grade and 12th grade is a stretch. It is just like providing...
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    Promoting the DR to residents in the Carolinas

    There is also a weekly flight to POP.
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    McDonald's in Puerto Plata

    You are correct and once in awhile they must get a meat shipment from a new vendor and it will taste ok.
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    All Covid restrictions are suspended effective now

    I have been to three banks since the President said "Back to normal," and you cannot enter without a mask. Apparently even though the "Public" can enter a bank the bank is a private institution. Wonder is this will change?
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    Have some students lost the habit of going to school?

    I have only lived here for 22 years and in all of those years it seems that education is a passing thought. It is sad to think that the injured parties in the education fiasco are children. Whenever you look at progressive countries you will find a stable and progressive education system. It...
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    ADP president insists on boycotting in-person learning at public schools

    I believe the school system has already lost a year of learning. Remote learning for children is not practical for the majority of students. The virus will be with us for a long time. Learn to adapt or fall further behind. Require students and teachers to be vaccinated and use masks. The school...
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    Can you Board a flight to Canada 14 days after a positive test

    Just had a friend that went back to Canada on day 15. Had her negative test and is gone.
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    Where to get a COVID test in Puerto Plata on Sunday

    At the POP airport if you are flying out of POP.
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    Any Paypal Option other than Popular?

    If you have an existing PayPal account in the USA you need to get a VPN and then you can connect.
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    Ministry of Education accepts graduates of Excellence Program

    Another example of inefficiency on the part of the government. Think of the lost time and money trying to fill teacher vacancies because so many teacher failed a qualification test but students that graduate from a program of Excellence in Teaching aren't qualified. Now they are suddenly...
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    TSA rejects appeal against resolution requiring presentation of vaccination card in public plac

    My question is going to be how can a bank refuse entry to an account holder that doesn't have THE CARD? The person would be denied access to their money.