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    Its Snowing

    According to a post on facebook... It's SNOWING in Isla Saona!! Largest drug bust this year at over 1900 kilos of cocaine. Isla Saona is closed until further notice :( So much for the tourist trips for a while!:chinese:
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    Living in other countries

    Just wondering, so many people on this forum have lived in many other countries, how is living there compared to the DR? south america? barbados? turks and caisos? virgin islands? I am interested in tropical countries, :)
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    Budget Car Rental

    BARCELO AVE. KM 6 1/2, BAVARO This is the address of the Budget Car Rental. Where exactly is this? Im trying to picture this but drawing a blank:beard:
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    Area Question

    Besides Hertz Rent a car, what are the other noticeable businessess or hotels at Carretera bavaro Kilometer 5? Where exactly is this?:chinese:
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    Grocery Store in El Dorado Reopening

    For those of you who use the convenience (we do on occassion) the grocery store Ciccelella will be reopening the 1st week of November. The owners, our neighbours are back, and now they need to restock and will be opening. Love the convenience for the "now and then" items. And thier wine...
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    Rattan Furniture

    We are looking for nice rattan furniture for indoors( well ,outdoor later) that doesnt cost a fortune :confused:, livingroom furniture, with nice cushions. I see it most of the condos for sale that come furnished. Some of it might be made of a plastic but still looks really nice and stands up...
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    Herodes Penalo-Lawyer Sosua

    I posted this in the Legal Forum but thought I'd post here too. I apologize if I'm not supposed to do that. Has anyone ever heard of or used Herodes Penalo legal services in Sosua? The firm name is Jolins-Penalo & Asociados and is located in Edificio Erich Hauser, Municipio de Sosua. Any...
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    Oh why oh why did Starbucks open in Punta Cana?! I am not a fan, thier coffee tastes burnt, when Dominican coffee is soooo good and they are so expensive! :tired:
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    I had a lady come around my place today taking down the number of persons living here. She was wearing an official badge and had a clpboard etc, no doubt she was doing this. She said it was Census day tomorrow. Someone will be around asking more questions tomorrow.:cheeky: How accurate can this...
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    Dive Shops in Punta Cana

    Hi, I will be in Punta Cana In August. I am a certified diver and I was wondering what dive shops are recommended and where they are. I am not staying at a resort, so I don't have access to resort shops. I am fairly newly certified (certified in Punta Cana by a dive shop at a resort) and have...
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    New Book about Dominican Republic

    I just got notification from Amazon a new book is being released April 6 called The Eastern Stars by Mark Kurlansky. Not alot of info except this book is about how baseball changed the Dominican town of San Pedro de Macoris. looks like something worth reading for anyone interested in reading...
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    Bead Stores

    Does anyone know of any bead stores in Santo Domingo ? I would be looking to purchase large quantities of bulk beads, all kinds.(for crafts and jewelry)
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    What kind of work do you do?

    After the reading the the entire thread about moving to the DR on a low budget ( Great informative thread btw:classic:) I am curious as to how many of you live and work in the DR, what type of work do you do and can you live off your earnings. No one needs to get into specifics;) but in my long...
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    Bavaro Road Map

    Since we will be eventually making our home on the east coast we are trying to familiarize ourselves with directions and where things are located. Is there such a thing as a road map of the Bavaro area? I know there are no street signs but just an outline of some sort? or is it just point and go...
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    chiropractors in punta cana

    I'm sure I have seen a thread on this subject, but doing a search doesn't show me any results. I would like the contact #'s and names of Chripractors in Punta Cana, also Massage Therapists if anyone has info on that. That's not the masseuse kind:cheeky:, but the therapist kind. Thanks!
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    I know there is a thread in the Living forum but I thought i'd try here. Does anyone know of any wifi spots in punta cana? Grand palladium hotels? coffee shops in bavaro? Maybe our condo complex has it, but we have to wait to find out till we get the key, when we get down there.
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    Punta cana to Las terrenas

    Is it possible to do a day trip, if we rent a car, from Punta Cana to Las terrenas? How long does it take to drive? or would we have to spend the the night in Las terrenas? Las Terrenas looks beautiful!!!
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    guarantor letter

    We are planning our move to the dr in 4-5 years. We have bought a condo that we will be renting out and hope to have 2-3 more before we move. We don't know a "sponsor" . The realtor is so far the only person we are in close contact with. Who did you all use as a guarantor to obtain residency...