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  1. 2020

    getting ripped off by your internet provider? 1st Prize = Telenord

    After checking my internet speed using the FAST.COM URL, I noticed the most I was getting was about 20 mpbs. Checked my plan and I had the 20/5 plan So I went to the local Telenord office and got the 50/10 plan for a lot more money. Since then, my range has been 16-26. Apparently, to get the...
  2. 2020

    Semana Santa in Las Terrenas - "Bonche Las Terrenas" not eco-friendly

    It was fun seeing everyone having a good time, drinking and dancing - celebrating the holiday! The next day, it was a different matter. We usually walk along the entire coastline of Las Ballenas in the morning. It was disappointing to see all the plastic trash bags, bottles, and bits of...
  3. 2020

    steak lover! - need help

    We love eating tri-tip steak back in the US. It's relatively inexpensive and tastier than rib-eye and NY Steak, IMO. However, the butchers I run into here have no idea what it is...I tried "colita de cuadrill" or "felete de tres puntas." Any idea what the right word is in Dominican Spanish?
  4. 2020

    Speed bumps everywhere!

    I'm wondering if anyone can install a speed bump anywhere, at any time in the DR? - ha,ha - Is there even a permit process? Or is this the Wild West?
  5. 2020

    Solar hot water heater not working after roof repairs?

    We had roof repairs (new plywood/shingles/membrane) last week and now we have no hot water. The experienced roofer said he reinstalled the system the way it was. (tank, solar panel, tubes, etc) We've had 5 days of glorious sunshine in Las Terrenas so I think that's enough time for the system...
  6. 2020

    Looking for "bulletproof Internet service" in the Dominican Republic

    We currently have Telenord. The service is awful. The last time our internet went down it took nearly 10 days for the repairs to be made. And we called every day to complain! We had Orange/Altice, etc - just as bad. Does anyone have Elon Musk's STARLINK? Or some other satellite company? -...
  7. 2020

    what are the official party days for Easter this year?

    We have friends who want to visit us in Las Terrenas in April. I totally forgot about the festivities in April Good Friday is on April 15th, and Easter is Sunday, April 17th What days exactly are the beaches packed and the roads closed going into Playas Las Ballenas?
  8. 2020

    Dutch Fugitive Targeted In Las Terrenas Assassination Attempt

    I'm a week late posting this but was wondering if anybody knows more about it? Where in Las Terrenas? "The target of an assassination attempt in the Las Terrenas region of the Dominican Republic on Tuesday turned out to be a Dutch fugitive. The man is on Interpol's Red List for several serious...
  9. 2020

    LAS TERRENAS - the first traffic lights installed

    We were informed that the first traffic lights (2) were installed in Las Terrenas. So much for that "sleepy little fishing village" motto arghhh -
  10. 2020

    Ivermectin to treat Covid in the Dominican Republic?

    At first, I thought she was going crazy, but my wife said our French friend in LT was treated for Covid using Ivermectin. Then I read this: IVERMECTIN IN THE DR Has anybody in this forum had success using it? I thought it was for use by veterinarians.
  11. 2020

    BEST new car to buy in the Dominican Republic?

    If the thought of buying a used car in the DR keeps you up at night, you might want to consider a new 2022 Suzuki Jimny. It comes in 2 models. We got the GLX which has the brighter headlamps, Android Auto and more. The Jimny looks like a Mercedes Benz G-wagon - ha ha! All the ones imported to...
  12. 2020

    ONIONS in everything!

    The Dominican Republic is truly a wonderful country. Amazing scenery, friendly people, and vibrant culture. My only beef is - you guessed it: ONIONS. Onions in everything! Onions in hamburger meat ("sorry sir, our beef patties are already prepared with onions") Onions in mashed potatoes? Huh...
  13. 2020

    where to buy "topas" (toilet seats) in Santo Domingo or Samana

    our source in Las Terrenas is only Aquinox. Both stores have only 1 toilet seat model available and it's too large. Where can we buy in Santo Domingo where they might have a large variety? Samana township or Nagua would be better but we are willing to drive to the capitol what's the word in...
  14. 2020

    Need an experienced plumber in Las Terrenas

    Besides the "Wilson" family of plumbers...can anyone recommend an experienced, full-time plumber that's reliable in LT?
  15. 2020

    are hotel room safes "safe?"

    We'll need to stay a couple of nights in a hotel in Santo Domingo this next trip...wondering if anyone had any "memorable" experiences leaving valuables in their hotel room safe? How safe are they?
  16. 2020

    What's The Process When Buying a NEW Car in DR? (not used car)

    does anybody have recent experience buying a new car from a dealer in the DR? We have one ordered but we're told the license plate is $85.00 and they'll handle the rest. That seems rather low for new car registration ... is this amount about right? What about sales tax on a new car purchase...
  17. 2020

    Great/bad car insurance companies in the DR?

    Does anybody have good or bad experiences with the following Dominican car insurance companies? Seguros Universal Sura La Colonial We got quotes from all 3 that are somewhat similar in price and coverage. Checking for any red flags ....
  18. 2020

    Where to buy a NEW Quad? (ATV - 4wd)

    We're trying to buy a NEW (not used) QUAD. Our local dealer says he hasn't been able to get any Suzuki KingQuads nor any Kawaski BruteForce's. Apparently, the factories were closed due to Covid and few were imported into the DR. Has anybody seen a dealer with any of these models in stock by any...
  19. 2020

    Do you have any experience buying a new car in the DR?

    Were thinking about buying a new Suzuki Jimny. Has anybody in this forum has had the experience of buying an actual new car from a franchised new car dealer? Please give me some tips and recommendations on what to do and not to do ....
  20. 2020

    NEW! - U.S. Airlines Announce New Routes To The Dominican Republic

    U.S Airlines Announce New Routes to the Dominican Republic. Including Samana non-stop! Courtesy of Travel OFF Path, by Trevor Kucheron Read it all here: