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    Can you fill out e-ticket early?

    just over-keenly filled out the e-ticket entry form 1 month early - got the code, but i guess that expires in 3 days time so I'll have to do it again? Will it be straightforward doing so again, or can I use it?
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    Where to go for good cigar factory visit?

    I'm hoping to visit a decent cigar factory of a well known brand. Where's best and easiest to visit - anything in the capital? Or is it Santiago area that's better or La Romana? I don't really want an over-hyped package trip ideally, just casually go independently if that's possible.
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    Address for entry form, if at hotel?

    Planning to just spend one night at hotel near airport for 1 wk trip - haven't planned the other nights, hope to just decide when I get there. Is it ok for the travel entry form to put down first night's hotel - or will someone ask for hotel reservations for the entire trip?
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    Bus from Las Americas airport to town centre?

    Is it possible to get a bus from the main airport to the town centre of Santo Domingo? Or realistically, should I just get a taxi? I'm hoping to then get a bus to Sosua the following day - what's the best option for doing this on a reasonable budget? thanks
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    Does UK issued Covid pass app and / NHS leter work here?

    Can you use a UK covid pass here - is it recognised easily enough? thanks I have digital and print edition
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    Is it possible to teach English in DR now, and stay long term?

    Hi, I was thinking of visiting the DR back in 2019 but then the virus hit. So now, I'm going to give it a try. I'd like to stay for about 1yr and fund it by teaching English at a school in Santo Domingo - is that possible? By the way, I'm only interested in face to face teaching, so online only...
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    new here - hoping to get some info on moving to DR

    just signed up - was thinking of visiting/staying long term in DR before the pandemic hit, so now hope to do so. Hope to get some info on visiting, possibly working and staying for about 1 year.