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    looking for a realy big thermo "neverita"

    Has to be round and about 11gls (44litro), the regulary en Sirena, aso are about 5 gls(20 litros). Anybody has an idea en area Santo Domingo?? gracias
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    Parada Capital to LT

    Hi, need to know where is the bus station for small o big guaguas to Las Terrenas. Duarte area? Parque Enriquillo? Thanks for answers!
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    hardware store Sosua

    Hi, is there around Sosua a good hardware store to buy treated wood or i have to go to Santiago Madeco or Ocoa?? Thanks for any info
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    Direct bus/guagua from Santiago to LT or Samana City

    Hi, anybody knows about?? Thanks in advance
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    mobile hotspot by cel/thetering

    Any recommandation what is a good or the best celular? Motorola y have heard? By Claro or Orange? Thanks ahead!
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    Best wifi spot in Jarabacoa/La Vega

    Hi, i need to download some files from th internet, everybody knows a fast and stabil wifi? La Sirena, La Vega? Thanks for any info!