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    Need to purchase hoist and compressor

    My brother, a professional mechanic, has recently moved to the Cabarete area and will be opening a new repair shop (Car/trucks/motorcycles) in Cabarete soon. He is opening it so he can keep busy, not make millions :) In order to open the shop he needs to purchase a 7,000 lb hoist and a 60...
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    Cost to change matricula

    Need a ballpark figure on the cost to change the Matricula into my name. I heard some crazy figures like $10,000 RD and "that it depends on the year of the vehicle." Has anyone done this recently that can give me a clue as to what to expect. I have the Denuncia de Transferencia (sp) form and...
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    Banco Reservas ATM ate my card

    I'm taking on Ban Reservas and won't stop until I get some good old fashioned customer service! Today I went to the ATM in Sosua as Scotia Bank ATM was down. Pulled out some cash and then the ATM didn't give back my card. Immediately went in and spoke with a customer service agent. And guess...
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    Memory Foam Mattress

    Are memory foam mattresses available here? If so where? I miss mine :(
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    Need a netbook

    Does anyone have a net book or laptop at a reasonable rate to sell? Needed as a Christmas gift. Or is anyone willing to bring one down if arriving before Christmas? Can pick up anywhere in the DR. PM if you can help out!
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    need to contact

    Sosuajoe from this forum. He PM'd me with information about a washing machine and I've deleted the message. I've sent him a PM, but was hoping someone who knows him personally, would let him know I am still interested. He's heading out of town on Friday, so really do need to speak with him...
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    wanted: apt size washing machine

    I need a used (not expensive) washing machine for my new apt. I am in Cabarete. If you know of one please contacte me. Thanks.
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    Hi and thanks in advance. Need a ob-gyn and or fertility specalist in Cabarete-Sosua area. Any leads greatly appreciated.
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    tankless hotwater/showerhead

    I know in the UK and Europe they have tankless hotwater heaters and showerheads that provide endless hotwater when water is running. Are these available in the Dominican Republic? If so where? I know I can get either from ebay but was wondering if they are available here? Thanks!
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    Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre

    I have heard through the grapevine that there is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre operating in or around Sosua. Unfortunately, no one knew the name or phone number. Can anyone confirm this and/or supply the information. Thanks
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    Making the move!!!!

    Hi all!!! I am in the final stages of my move to the Dominican Republic!! If all gets wrapped up (without any snags) I'll be there mid June, if not, mid July is the latest!!! I'll be located somewhere between Sousa and Rio San Jaun. I have good friends there who are helping out with that part...
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    I am a social service worker

    currently employed in the addiction field. Have experience teaching children with learning disabilities, and have also been a real estated assistant. Lots of experience. My Spanish is getting better, however, not fluent at this time. I'm engaged to a Dominican man and will be moving in the near...
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    Any advice re:job openings

    Hi all, new to the site so be gentle LOL I am a social service worker currently employed in the addiction field. I am engaged to a Dominican and will be moving there in the near future. So, my question is "are there job openings in this field?" I have also worked with children with learning...