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  1. J

    The D.R. and 9-11

    The article is 4 years old, but still relevant.... This isn't an invitation to discuss U.S or international politics or religion. Just an article I found interesting.
  2. J

    Huelga today?

    Friend in Santiago says there's word on the streets that things will get loud for the next day or so in some towns. Protests will be about high cost of living and demands for infrastructure improvements. She says two people have already been killed in San Francisco de Macoris. I sure hope she's...
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    DR Tourism Survey

    Apparently they know I just got home. Such an honor to be among the chosen few. Hi! We hope you had a lovely stay in the Dominican Republic. It is very important for us to gather some info about your experience, so we’ve chosen you as one of the small set of people to ask about their...
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    Kratom question

    Is it legal in D.R.? I can't find anything definitive on the D.R. or U.S. government sites. I've travelled with it many times without issue, but a friend's recent comment had me wondering.
  5. J

    Via Emilia in Santiago

    Anyone familiar with it? I've stayed there several times over the past 5 years and always had a wonderful experience. Tried to book earlier this year and it was listed as "permanently closed". I sent an e-mail and received no response. I drove by a couple of weeks ago and the house looked...
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    Free covid testing?

    This may have been addressed previously but I can't sort through all of the covid posts. A Dominican friend in Licey (citizen) has developed most of the symptoms. She can't get tested because she can't afford it. Is free testing available for Dominican citizens, and if so, does anyone know...
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    Americanos de Samaná

    Someone posted something about this previously but I can't remember who and can't find the post/thread. It piqued my interest and I haven't forgotten. I want to visit on my next trip and am wondering if any English speakers here are familiar with these "Americanos". If so, is their English...