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    Good dentist with inter oral video camera in Cabarete, Sosua, Puerto Plata, Sabaneta area.

    Who knows a good dentist with good inter oral video camera in Cabarete, Sosua, Puerto Plata, Sabaneta area? I have the last time very big problems because of unprofessional and terrible work of dentists and laboratories in the Dom. Rep. Dr. Christian Scholl in Cabarete, does have one, but I...
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    Warning: DIGESETT rips off again at the Playero traffic light in Sosua

    My wife was the day before yesterday victim of the infamous actions. She was accused of driving across a red light and she received a traffic ticket. She has assured me that she drove high and holy with green over the traffic light and I believe her because she is an extremely defensive driver...
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    Experiences with VIVA telephone company

    After bad experiences with Claro and ALTICE we think strong about switch to VIVA. We only need celphone calls. Our experiences with ALTICE: 3 weeks ago it happens to us that we prepaid the cell phone 1 day to late (one time 2 years). They robbed us more than 1100 Peso. We made a reclamation...
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    Protest actions against the new residency renewal rules (vexations)

    - a lot of Germans protested at there embassy, so at 9/26/2012 the German embassy had a meeting with the director of the migracion. For example more then half of the members of the IRC (Internationaler Residenten Club) sent personal emails to the German ambassador. At the moment the result of...
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    the best lawyer for trafic-cases on the northcoast

    who is the best lawyer for trafic-cases on the northcoast ? has anyone experience with the lawyer Mr. Felipe Emiliano? thanks for your answer!
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    the best repairshop for tv, beamer,video on the northcoast

    where is a good/ the best repairshop for tv, beamer,video,dvd on the northcoast? At the moment I`m searching for a good place to repair my beamer. I know/ have experience with De Lancer in Sosua, for easy problems on tv maybe he is good enough, but my beamer I won`t bring there.
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    Warning !!! new Poison-action on Cabaretebeach_take care of your children and dogs!!!

    Criminal irresponsible people laid poison on the beach of Cabarete. In the last 2 day 5 dead dogs (2 in front of Ocean Dream and 3 in the near of Velero) and poison also were found. I am really waiting when the frist child will die, becase small children take all in there mouth.
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    projects ?OCEAN ONE? and ?HARMONY" in Cabarete

    Some experiences and informations about the projects ?OCEAN ONE? and ?HARMONY? in Cabarete (Pelican Beach) Preamble: Since 7 years we live in our beautifull Villa in ? Pelican Beach? in Cabarete. First nearer intensiv experience with those proyects : One sunday (!) one the middle of the day...