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    Any Shortage of PCR Testing in The Sosúa Area?

    Lots of issues getting a test in Canada and USA. What about north coast of DR
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    Board a Flight to Canada 14 Days After a Positive Test

    Our govt will let us back in Country at this point but the big question is the airlines and counter staff in POP. Anyone Know if this has happened.
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    PCR Test in Sosúa

    Any know how long it takes to get these results. Is it still next day
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    Random covid testing at airport

    Are they still doing random testing upon arrival. If so and you test positive where do they send people.
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    Medical insurance for 6 months a year

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to look at options for coverage while in the country. Looking at spending 6 or 7 months a year on north coast.
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    Where in Sosua if available can I get this test and what is the cost
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    finally made it

    Sitting on the beach eating my ribs and drinking cold cervezas. 10 hours in Ottawa airport yesterday and missed the whole Canada russia game (Thanks air transat). GOLD GOLD. Here in Sousua for two weeks and would love to meet some dr1 ers for a couple of drinks. Harleysrock and bobk I owe you...
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    Friggin cold here

    Sitting at airport in Canada and fight delayed 3.5 hours. That sucks. Keep the sun shining and presidentes cold for me.
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    Live music in Sosua or Cabarete

    Will be in Sosua next Monday for two weeks. Anywhere that has some live music scheduled.
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    Big D closed

    Please tell me its not true. My favorite place on the beach for ribs
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    The Palms condos

    What can people tell me about this place. Has anyone stayed there before or know anyone who has
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    sosua walking at night

    Coming down in January with my wife. Looking at staying at the newer blue garden condos or tradewinds. Is it safe to walk home at night from PC.
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    Casa Linda free shuttle

    Has anyone had any experience with this shuttle. Is it reliable and what size of vehicle do they use
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    jolly roger construction

    Anybody have any updates as to how the rebuild is coming along
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    jan and feb in sosua

    Hi everyone. Looking for a two bedroom for Jan and Feb. Under $1400 per month Must be walking distance to everything. Does anyone have any good contacts
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    tradewinds in sosua

    What can people tell me about this place. still looking for a place for this winter.
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    Looking for a nice rental in Sosua

    Last year stayed at Hispaniola sol and liked it. Looking for something under 1300 a month that is comparable for Jan , Feb and maybe march. 2 bedrooms.
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    Medical insurance. Should I buy some

    I am covered with my federal gov't plan (sunlife) from Canada for emergency medical out of country. Will this be accepted in DR for an emergency or will they want cash upfront. I read about the guy in Sosua who was shot and they would not operate without payment. I am planning on coming for 2 months
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    Electricity. How much do you pay

    I know electricity is expensive. Please share what your monthly costs are and what equipment are you running. I stayed at condo at Hispaniola sol for a month and cost was only $35 for the month. Interested in hearing from people in casa Linda or residential Hispaniola to get an idea of costs on...
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    infinity blue questions

    Hey Sosua experts. What can people tell me about this place. Thinking of coming down in Jan and there are some places listed on trip advisor that look nice. Is there any construction noise in this area as I know there was some building going on in that area when I was there in January.