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    ArriveCan Discontinued

    Now optional and no more mask mandate..... all dropped
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    Albert Schweitzer Hospital - Haiti

    I don't know how many of you are aware of this hospital.... it has an interesting history. Larry Mellon had a ranch in the US west, but wanted to contribute more to the world's well being. Yes, he was that Mellon family.... the famous one. He read an article in LIFE magazine about Schweitzer...
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    Sin Bin

    This is one of the most active threads these days..... Pls warn us..... what are the grounds for punishment..... off topic ? abuse? personal insults? What ?
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    Death in Punta Cana

    Hadn't seen this in the local news.............
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    ScotiaBank Exchange Deal

    For those big hitters among us.... here's an offer from Scotia.... new offer
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    International Couriers in Nagua

    Does Nagua have a FedEx office.... or UPS..... or DHL? Their websites didn't help me much.... FedEx doesn't show the Sosua office, let alone Nagua Is Tuesday really 1/2 price day - as posted earlier ?
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    Members from Newfoundland Canada

    I know we have some Newfie members here -- can't say how many Central Nfld might be evacuated soon due to forest fires . Let's hope our people are safe & sound
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    The 90 Day Legal License Rule

    Given the continuing debate on this topic , perhaps it deserves its own thread. Unfortunately, Windy isn't here to defend his position.... he's the steadfast 90 day person. Many do not agree with the 90 days and side with the 'legality' position. Here's some clarification that might help---...
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    DR to YYZ

    I have just returned from YYZ…. Albeit not from Rep Dom but using Terminal 3 where WestJet lands. I was trepidations , having read all the ugly reports. Nothing…. Smooth landing and Immigration entry…. Not a glitch at 5pm or so…. About the time the POP flight lands Left this AM at 11… easy...
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    Hen Pecked Men

    Outside the gates of heaven there are two lines. One, with a queue that stretches back as far as the eye can see, is signposted “Henpecked Men”; the other “Non-Henpecked Men”. In that line there is only a single man. Awe-struck by this man’s accomplishment, St Peter approaches him and asks: “How...
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    Today's UK Paper
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    Hospital For Children

    My granddaughter is ill just now - in the US - and has been hospitalized. This happened on Nantucket and they rushed her to Mass Gen'l after a couple of days. It got me thinking..... what would our options be here in the DR? All the family will be here for Christmas so I thought I might snoop...
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    The Longest Day

    Currently, I am above the tropic of PHL. I notice the days are longer here than in the DR at this time of year. For example.... Sunrise was earlier today and the sun will set 70 minutes later tonight..... 8:32pm vs 7:22pm We know June 22 is the longest day when the sun is at its...
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    Changing The Scenery

    Those of us who live here.... every now & then (for me), I need to 'refresh' my batteries I have no real complaints.... just a 'malaise' sometimes... A desire to walk thru Whole Foods and buy what I want.. Go to movie (Elvis) one day Drive my No American car Je no sais quoi...... just a...
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    Sand Batteries

    Google this article - World’s first sand-powered battery is ready to heat homes Researchers say the Finnish innovation could help solve the problem of how to store renewable energy such as wind and solar
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    Finally - Rain

    We have been dry - really dry - here in Cabrera for weeks Not a tropical deluge - but PLENTY coming down now My bamboo had been changing color...........less green And cool all day . not much sun...............PERFECT !!!
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    AirBnB Prohibits Parties Permanently

    This may help the noise problem in various localities
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    Boston Celtics

    Boston Celtics center Al Horford grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with his mother before moving to Michigan. He’s been in the N.B.A. for 15 seasons.Credit...Allison Dinner for The New York Times From Santo Domingo to the N.B.A. Finals, Al Horford Is at Home Horford, the Boston...
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    Music Channels

    Sooo, I downloaded an FM radio playing app..... Searched for Dominican music ( I'll take suave, pls).... and POOF !! Suave 107.3, Sonidas Suave, and a boatload more................ Easy play when you're out of the frequency area....
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    United Airlines Credit Card

    This may not apply to everybody.... I am a steadfast customer of United over JetBlue for my trips back/forth to the DR. UAL offers a variety of cards thru Chase.... initial applications get a bagful of points. The question really is... 'which card is best for me ?' I have had the Explorer card...