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    STI Foreigners Cedula

    The cedula for those Foreigners who have residency can be obtained at the Santiago JCE Office in the middle of the 2nd floor of the Jardín Plaza, Av. 27 de Febrero, corner, Antigua Texas, Av Padre Ramón Dubert, Santiago De Los Caballeros. Phone » (809) 971-6975. This is a very large 3 floor...
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    Metal Price in Santiago

    Can any one tell me the going price for metal in Santiago? The metal is a 2013 Ford Mustang V6 engine that is cracked weight about 400 lbs. It is thought to be mostly aluminum. Got 2 taxi drivers that are going to the places that buy metal but I wanted to know independently. Thank you.
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    Kinda New Guy

    I have been here under a couple of different names for over 12 years whose id/passwords I forget but since I am going today to our lovely Capitol today to get my Change of immigration status to Permanent Resident (RD-1)"aka DEFINITIVE RESIDENCE (RD-1) an extension of the residence permit, for an...