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  1. bachata

    Playa Dorada is not dead

    Playa Dorada Puerto Plata used to be a busy tourist destination in DR but slowly went down due the growth of new resorts in the East Coast, firts was La Romana, Boca Chica and Juan Folio area then Punta Cana and Babaro... Seems to me that the growth of the East Coast was endorsed by passed...
  2. bachata

    Cabarete's Kite Beach

    Visiting Cabarete beach, we have a relaxing afternoon... delicious food and cold drinks right on the beach.  JJ
  3. bachata

    My Last Vacation in Sosúa

    This is the best time, when you arrive. Sad when the time to go back to work arrives. I am seriously thinking to send my application for early retirement next month. JJ
  4. bachata

    Playa Sosúa & Playa Alicia / History

    As I know, little bit of history about playa Sosua and Playa Alicia. JJ
  5. bachata

    Touring Downtown Sosúa

    I was on my way to STI but I told my wife let's drive around and record a video, now that we are far and can enjoy and share a view of ours small paradise. JJ
  6. bachata

    Looking for Playa Chiquita

    In this video Palomalinda and I took a drive to Playa Chiquita, to try to find the beach access that was once there back in the 90s. We found a narrow path that would lead us to the beach but you have to walk or bike it, at the end of Calle Dr. Alejo Martinez JJ
  7. bachata

    Haitian Singer Felix Cumbe

    Felix Cumbe famous Merengue Singer, today he gained Dominican citizenship by naturalization. He was born in Haiti and moved to DR when he was only 15 years old. Congratulations! JJ
  8. bachata

    Santiago attraction

    Every Sunday afternoon in Los Pepines Santiago's oldest naighborhood, People gather on the street to drink a cold beer and dance Música Cubana from the 50s. El Son de Antonio Queca! JJ
  9. bachata

    DR site seen , Bachata music Video.

    Touring the Dominican Republic, Alza Tu Vuelo Paloma, Ramon Torres writer and singer of this popular song. Bachata de Amargue. Enjoy! JJ
  10. bachata

    Dominican Republic Going nuclear... Ja ja

    There we go!!! Nombramiento del primer ministro del departamento de energia nuclear... Sera solamente otra botella? Just wondering! JJ
  11. bachata

    Portrait of a dictator, Rafael L. Trujillo

    Very interesting videos for those that didn't know the history of DR during Trujillo era. JJ
  12. bachata

    General Antonio Imbert Barrera, The Complot.

    General Imbert barrera interviewed by Dominican journalist Huchi Lora. The plan and execution of "El Jefe" assassination 5 / 1 / 1961. JJ
  13. bachata

    Trujillo, interviewed by American press.

    Culebra vieja no se amarra en lazo! JJ
  14. bachata

    Félix Bautista

    Why they don't go after Felix Bautista? Ese Ladronaso, se robo el pais entero y todabia anda suelto. JJ
  15. bachata

    Top 5 most dangerous neighborhoods in Santo Domingo

    # 5 = Villa Agricolas: this is where "El Mercado Nuevo" is located, gangs with members from different countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Russia fighting to control the area. # 4 =Cristo Rey : residents of this neighborhood are from the very low class of the city, highest violence and...
  16. bachata

    Haiti, humanitarian vacations.

    Spaniard reporters visited Haiti in 2013. The message in this video clip is... While on vacation you can help people in need. Vacation in hell. Today 5/29/2017 the Haitian peoples is living in the same situation. JJ
  17. bachata

    Child abuse in the DR.

    Dominican authority prosecuting child abuse cases in the DR. I applaud this new law enforcement actions by DR prosecutors in SD. JJ
  18. bachata

    Palabras usadas por Dominicanos

    Origin of some of the most popular words used in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy! JJ
  19. bachata

    Dominican Yorker girl, this is the way we make the money here...

    Please people stop calling me on the phone asking for loans, watch this video and will see the way Dominicans makes the money here in the US... 86279298298384%2F No more sidewalk picking like it used to be...
  20. bachata

    Joyas del Merengue Dominicano.

    Ca?a brava. JJ