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    Au Revoir Air France?

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    Two Americans & Dominican trafficing teens

    I thought the law said under 18s could only stay in hotels with their parents.
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    Two Americans & Dominican trafficing teens

    it says varones so they are talking about boys
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    Need Help in Punta Cana - Man Arrested

    If your client is foreign then you should contact the relevant embassy. They have lists of reputable lawyers. I cannot imagine why anyone would think it a good idea to hire a Santiago based lawyer for someone being held in Punta Cana. You definitely need someone with local connections.
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    SDQ to Bus or Stay The Night

    Can I also say that with the Covid protocols at SDQ, I wouldn't rely on getting out of the airport in an hour. The last time I arrived it was a good 90 minutes before I was out.
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    SDQ to Bus or Stay The Night

    Be careful with the Transporte Las Terrenas bus. I am pretty sure they only have one big bus, which leaves at 1.20pm from Plaza Lama, from memory. The rest of their service is by 30-seater pack-them-in-to-the-roof buses which I wouldn't recommend. The 1.20pm bus also usually leaves full...
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    SDQ to Bus or Stay The Night

    Does Caribe Tours go to LT now? I thought they only went to Sanchez and then you needed to get a taxi
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    Police recovers RD$4 million in cash transporter heist

    Do you remember when they raided that villa in Sosua where the guy had military grade weapons and was running a secret cult, quite a few years ago. And the initial reports said he had something like US$ 5 million in cash (I can't remember the exact amount) and subsequently the number magically...
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    Bad Publicity for Lifestyle

    But even if you can be there all the time, it's still a con especially in today's market. In addition to spending maybe US$ 50,000 on the timeshare (and maybe a lot more), you have to pay a) a Room fee per week and b) an all-inclusive rate per night. This link shows their rates in 2019...
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    They'll make you laugh, but mostly groan...

    There is an I in Team, it's hidden in the A hole
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    Senate adds 45 more days to the National State of Emergency; Presidency will issue executive act

    I am speculating that the toque de queda gets lifted in the next couple of weeks and there is a requirement that businesses need to close by 11pm.
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    Bad Publicity for Lifestyle

    It is amazing how they are still selling it though. One of my staff was working in Melia in Punta Cana and another was working in Lifestyles, both selling time-share, working in a huge team. In Europe the law says that you have to have 14 days after signing the contract to consider it, and...
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    Bad Publicity for Lifestyle

    I'd dispute that. At 1.50 I hear him saying "casi $150,000 pesos por 3 dias, 7 personas." Admittedly he says it very fast almost under his breath but I can't find a 16 in there.
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    Covid Vaccine Record needing to be officially stamped?

    Whenever you do anything official in DR, the process is normally that you have to go somewhere, stand in line for quite a while, then be told that you need to bring another document or something is missing. In my experience of applying for permissions, getting phone lines connected...
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    Nuria tours the campgrounds in favor of the three grounds for abortion

    I guess, but when you think about the other two grounds. One is that there is a risk to the life of the mother, again I pretty much think that if having a baby puts her own life at risk, a woman should be the only one who takes this decision. And the third is that the fetus is unviable so I...
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    Bad Publicity for Lifestyle

    Amongst many complaints he says that when you book you are told you get ABCDE but when you arrive what you have access to is limited, and there's no easy way to tell what you can and can't do, you just have to turn up to a restaurant or venue and see if they let you in. Poor guest information...
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    Bad Publicity for Lifestyle

    There are plenty of forums which are highly critical of Lifestyles elsewhere on the web. They seem to be the usual con-artists selling timeshare and clearly have friends in high places in DR. When you look at all the extras you have to pay even after you have paid for the vacation package...
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    Nuria tours the campgrounds in favor of the three grounds for abortion

    One of the proposed grounds is if a woman's been raped. I don't think any rapist should get a say in what happens to the child.
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    Vaccination Passports will have new priority because of this

    People this is a site dedicated to people who want to talk about Dominican Republic. How can a discussion about vaccine passport requirements in Europe or the US belong here?