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    STI Foreigners Cedula

    The cedula for those Foreigners who have residency can be obtained at the Santiago JCE Office in the middle of the 2nd floor of the Jardín Plaza, Av. 27 de Febrero, corner, Antigua Texas, Av Padre Ramón Dubert, Santiago De Los Caballeros. Phone » (809) 971-6975. This is a very large 3 floor...
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    Metal Price in Santiago

    Can any one tell me the going price for metal in Santiago? The metal is a 2013 Ford Mustang V6 engine that is cracked weight about 400 lbs. It is thought to be mostly aluminum. Got 2 taxi drivers that are going to the places that buy metal but I wanted to know independently. Thank you.
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    10 Yr Residency

    1974 (Doce Juegos Olympic competitor) 1985-1986 and 2005 till now. Member how you clapped your hands for a waiter.....
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    10 Yr Residency

    None of the above were asked of me.
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    10 Yr Residency

    Or if money is tight you can do it all online except for getting your Residency card which entails a trip to STO DGO. With only a slightly melodramatic use of a walker instead of a cane I did mine in 35 minutes. You can get your cedula either in STO DGO or Santiago. Call the DGM office as I...
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    Border Fence

    Do any of the Migra round ups that are done every day target businesses that employ illegal immigrants? Like farms or constructions sites.
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    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    But they do lockup white collar criminals.
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    Kinda New Guy

    One of the best Government service I have ever had including US, Germany and most Caribbean jurisdictions. One can do it online but you still have to go to Santo Domingo. I have been told that you can have your cedula done in Santiago although due to my 20 minute DGM work I had mine done in STO...
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    Huge Hospital Bill

    MAPHRE Basico pays 80% up to a million DOP and 8,000 DOP limit for follow up medicines . They take US credit cards at what the official rate is that day. Yes there is a lady in the HOMS business office whose name I don't remember who will setup a payment plan and can negotiate. To be honest that...
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    Don't Pay Online For Overstay Extension

    Ok. Sorry. What thread would you suggest?
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    Don't Pay Online For Overstay Extension

    I did the last Permanent Residency deal by myself as I did the Definitive Residency all on line except in both I still had to go to STO DGO. But apparently things are in the process of changing cause my appointment was for Santiago but it was a mistake.
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    Don't Pay Online For Overstay Extension

    I would not pay on line for anything that has other options. DGM personnel who I had to call on a couple of occasions were very helpful and warned my against paying for my Residencia Definitiva (10) year visa online. Also while allegedly depending on who in DGM you talk to Foreigners can get...
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    Kinda New Guy

    I sincerely apologize. I forgot what my previous ones were and just grabbed what ever came to mind.
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    Kinda New Guy

    I have been here under a couple of different names for over 12 years whose id/passwords I forget but since I am going today to our lovely Capitol today to get my Change of immigration status to Permanent Resident (RD-1)"aka DEFINITIVE RESIDENCE (RD-1) an extension of the residence permit, for an...