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    Change of Appointment Date at DGM (Renew Residency)

    I got an appointment date to go to DGM at Santo Domingo to renew my residency. I will be out of the country on that day and want to request a different date about a month out. The DGM website has given me an option to "CONFIRMAR" or "RECHAZAR" the assigned date. My question is that if I...
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    Temporary Residency Renewal in Puerto Plata

    Is it possible now to renew temporary residency in Puerto Plata? The reason I ask the question is that in the past when you selected Puerto Plata office on DGM website list of applications it did not listed the renewal of temporary but now it does. I don't know if it is a website glitch or...
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    Is covid-19 Rapid Test available anywhere?

    Where one could get a Rapid covid-19 test in sosusa/cabarete/puerto plata area? the type that you get result in 20 minutes or so. And how much it will probably cost?
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    Roll-up Shade/curtain for Balcony

    Please let me know where I can buy a shade/curtain for my balcony. The type that you often see at restaurants to protect their patio from rain or sun, and has an handle to roll it up and down. Puerto Plata location will be great and if not I can go to Santiago. Thanks
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    Residency Lawyer Cost

    I just got my resident visa from the Dominican Embassy. I had filled my application request as a pensioner because I'm receiving more than $1500 a month pension as an ex-government employee. Now I want to start the residency process in DR and the lawyer that I contacted quoted me $2500 American...
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    Resident Visa Process

    I have applied for Resident Visa at Dominican Embassy over a month ago. I contact the embassy every few days and they tell me that they are waiting on response from Foreign Ministry in Santo Domingo. Is this normal wait period? please let me know if you had a similar experience.
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    Good Pediatrician in North Coast Or Santiago?

    Does anyone know of a great Pediatrician in North Coast or Santiago? I would greatly appreciate your help.
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    Retractable/Roll Up balcony screen

    Where in north coast or Santiago, I can purchase a retractable/roll up balcony screen/shade? I see it used every where in restaurants and home balconies, but I have never seen it at the stores. Thanks
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    Taylor for minor alterations

    anyone know a taylor in Cabarete/Sosua area for minor alteration such as shortening men pants. Thanks.
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    Reputable Car Dealer?

    I'm planning to buy a used car in the next few months. Can anyone suggest a reputable used car dealership in Moca or Santiago? I appreciate your help!