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    New Projects

    When I first lived in (moved to)the DR I was amazed at the amount of unfinished real estate "projects" I saw everywhere. From Cabarete to Santo Domingo to Juan Dolio they were everywhere. I remember the giant tower right on the Malecon that stood empty and I thought the likelihood of someone...
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    PackRafting in the DR

    I was hoping there was more an activities thread to post in but I can't find one. I started whitewater rafting as a hobby in the states recently and plan to start doing pack rafting also Packrafting is pretty much the same thing but can be done on smaller rivers. I know Yaque del Norte is...
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    Best shore diving locations

    I am looking to do some shore diving to cut costs on scuba diving. I have done La caleta twice lately and it was ok. Does anybody have any other suggestions for good shore dives? A coworker recommend Salinas out by Dunas de Bani.
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    Looking For Buddy For Sailing or Diving

    I recently took a ride up the south west coast (Barahona and below). The beauty of the ocean I have not seen matched on this island as when I got on the side. So many different colors of blue. I thought the diving must be fantastic out here. Better than all the other areas east that are...
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    Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Pandora for All your Devices

    I saw someone had mentioned a add-in for the chrome browser that let them play Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Pandora. The problem with this is you are tied to you browser. If you want to ensure that all your devices in the house have access to all these services first get an PPTP account with...
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    Bilingual prenuptial agreement (Santo Domingo Lawyer) Moderators Help!!!

    Looking for a lawyer that is capable of a bilingual prenuptial agreement. I live in Santo Domingo as does my girlfriend. I am American (EE.UU) and must return to the US in 9 months. Please do not project your relationship problems on me if you are unsuccessful with Dominican women! I have...
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    Bilingual prenuptial agreement

    Wondering if anyone has a good lawyer they could recommend for a Bilingual prenuptial agreement? Yes I am considering getting married and she seems like a good one still one should protect themselves.
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    Rio Nizao (Tubing)

    So on this Rancho Platon website they had tubing. They say it is in the Rio Nizao which is not close to this resort, it is closer to bani or San Cristobal. Has any one done the tubing there and knows the route for it. I don't think I need a tour to do this activity. I also heard constanza was...
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    Isla Catilina and Isla Saona

    I live in Santo Domingo. I like like to travel independantly but hate trips that are tourist oriented (tourist traps). What is the independant traveler (or the way the dominicans) way to get to Isla Catilina or Isla Saona? All lonely planet reccomended were tourist trips.
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    Reputable Nissan Mechanic (Dealer maybe?)

    I need to get my Nissan Xterra serviced. I want a full service and to find out why the check engine light is on. Does any body have anybody they can reccommend here in Santo Domingo that won't rip you off. Any tips on making sure you don't get ripped off screwed over either.
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    5 months in the DR with some small questions about activities

    Hi I having been living here in Santo domingo and have some questions about activities and other things. I speak basic to decent spanish but any where I could do these activities English would be great also. Is there anywhere to learn to fly ultralights or weight shifted trikes here? Is there...