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  1. CristoRey

    It gets better and better every single time I tell it.

    Same story. Different day. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  2. CristoRey

    The Ukrainian Solution To A Common DR Problem

    As someone who spent a few years living in Eastern Europe, she handled this guy the exact same way she would have handled him back home. Ukrainian women to are not passive by any stretch of the imagination and her Dominican ex-boyfriend learned this the hard way. Michael Jironel Castillo was...
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    Another dead American. Buyer beware.

    NYC corrections captain at Rikers dies in Dominican Republic after Brazilian butt lift from bogus doctor. Rikers Island correction captain operated on by previously indicted Dr. Hector Cabral. An NYC Department of Correction captain died reportedly after traveling to the Dominican Republic to...
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    Can the Dominican Government win in court?

    Talk about embarrassing... Tucano, Odebrecht and Los Tres Brazos, three notorious cases that unravel in court. The courtrooms of the Dominican Republic have witnessed how three major cases of alleged administrative corruption, when they reach the bench in front of the disposition of the...
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    In case you are wondering if cash is still king.

    The man who was accused of stabbing his wife (291 times) to death last year and dumping her body in a cistern has just been released. So in case you are wondering if cash is still king?
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    Keep ya hands to yourself.... young lady.

    These young ladies are just as bad as the men.
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    More Dead Americans
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    Food Security

    One of the biggest announcements of the year was made yesterday. Appears they have done a full 360 on their decision to increase imports rather than increase production as they started doing from day one when this President first took office. This may imply the government is concerned about...
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    The word for this year is "Nini"

    I often speak up about this country's broken education system and corruption because I have been living here long enough to watch many young children go from having goals in life to becoming Ninis. Santiago, DR The majority of assaults, theft of cell phones, wallets, gold and silver chains, and...
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    Santiago - Shootout In Broad Daylight

    I watched this video twice. Tried counting the number of shots, too many. This took place yesterday afternoon. The fact that no one was hit during this incident tells me one thing and one thing only, them folks can't shoot for shit. Enjoy!
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    ROMARE XAVIER "ROME" KIRKLAND AGE: 27 Born in USA/ American Citizen The last time anyone spoke with Rome was Thursday 11/18/2021 evening by phone although not confirmed, during that conversation he was believed to be at a restaurant at the beach close to the Pro Cab section of Cabarete...
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    Question: Is the Dominican Republic Starting To Embrace The Woke Cancel Culture?

    Don’t demolish Columbus’ statue, remove it. Santo Domingo.- Anthropologist Fátima Portorreal clarified that the call made for this October 12 in front of the statue of Christopher Columbus “is not to knock it down.” Portorreal on October 12 said they will stand in front of the statue, located in...
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    Woman tried to stab a prosecutor for gender violence in Puerto Plata

    A woman appeared before the unit against gender violence in the province of Puerto Plata and there she took out a knife with the intention of stabbing the coordinator of the department, Magistrate Luisa Marmolejos. The incident occurred at around 3:30 pm on Thursday when the woman identified as...
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    70.1% of the Dominican population is overweight or obese and 32% have hypertension

    70.1% of the Dominican population is overweight or obese and 32% have hypertension 44% of those with hypertension do not know it and do not use treatment. Hypertension is present in 32% of the Dominican population, being more frequent in men and in those over 45 years of age, according to the...
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    Police Beat and Rob Tourist in Sosua

    They arrest a police corporal and three other men accused of beating and assaulting two tourists in Sosúa. A corporal of the National Police was arrested along with three other men after allegedly having beaten and assaulted two tourists in the municipality of Sosúa, for which they will be...
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    Bus Schedules Back To Normal

    Just a quick heads up folks. When I passed by the Caribe Tours Bus Station this morning in Los Jardines, Santiago (because they NEVER answer the phone) I was told starting today the buses will be running their normal pre-Covid schedules unless the Government decides to rollback the curfew hours...
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    The days of the Huelga's are coming to an end. There's a new sheriff in town.

    There is a noticeable difference in how the former administration handled the huelga's and how the current administration is handling them. These guys look like they're riding through a Cartel strong hold somewhere deep in the hills of Mexico ready for a shoot out. Those guns are clearly being...
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    Meet the First African American to obtain Refugee Citizenship in DR

    A friend of mine sent this video to me earlier. This has to be a first. Enjoy! When you can't find safety or justice in your country's legal system, as good standing citizen, because of it's prejudice, control and greed for profits, then maybe that country just doesn't deserve you any longer...
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    Duck, Duck, Goose.... First time in 9 years I've seen this happen.

    Public Ministry arrests three people for the deaths of hundreds of migratory birds in Montecristi. MONTECRISTI (Dominican Republic) .- The Regional Attorney for the Environment and the Defense of Natural Resources in this town brought to justice three people accused of killing hundreds of ducks...
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    Dominican Cocaine Cowboys

    Anyone ever wonder how the PN know who they need to round up immediately after an incident like this occurs? The words "it's tolerated until it's abused" comes to mind. Ya can't count the number of shell casings or different calibers. When I tell people this country has a very nasty...