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    Where can dominicans travel with out visa?

    I know I have seen this before but the search isn't giving me what I need,, what countries can Dominicans visit with passport but do not need a visa? mudmommy
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    Non sea food Restaurant in Bavaro area

    Hi im sorry if this has been asked before but i spent alot of time looking for info about the restaurants in Bavaro area,, what im looking for are some suggestions for a restaurant ( I do NOT like sea food) im more of a "meat and potato" kind of gal,, im not big on spices,, or "hot" (spicy)...
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    I need a Mentor,, re canadian PR visa

    I need a mentor from some one who has recently been thru the whole process of bringing their spouse to Canada after marriage,, I have some questions that ive looked every where on the canadian immigration web site and the more i read the more i get confused,, so,, id like to know if any one is...
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    English speaking vet in San Pedro or Juan Dolio area,

    Hi does any one know of a english speaking vet on the south coast perferrably in San pedro or Juan Dolio area?? any help is appreciated Mudmommy
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    Flying with a dog from the LRM airport

    HI hopefully in april i will be bringing a little dog back to canada with me from the DR and i am wondering if any one has flown to canada with a dog from the La Romana airport, i have searched the DR1 and have not found any answers and i also did a search on the airport as well,, with no luck...