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    What was burning in the area of Cabarete?

    I felt the smell of burning yesterday. This morning the whole yard, the windows, the whole house in the Ashes. Something was burning badly yesterday!
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    Buying a professional washing machine and dryer

    Tell the addresses of shops where you can buy a professional washing machine and dryer. Santiago, Santo Domingo and other nearby cities. Such washing machines that are used in laundries. Thank you.
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    Cabarete beach 4/03/2018 - Strongly waves

    Have you seen today the main beach in Cabarete? Strong waves cut a large layer of sand. People confusing from their feet. The waves came very far. Huge pieces of wood are thrown ashore. A few palms will fall soon. :ninja:
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    Computer stores in Cabarete or nearby

    Hello. Tell me please, whether there are computer stores in Cabarete or Sosua (or somewhere nearby). In which you can buy not assembled system blocks, and accessories (for example, monitor, power supply, etc.)? Thank you.
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    Orange in Cabarete

    Hi! Please tell me. Does the Orange operator (particularly 3g) work well in the north of the Dominican Republic? The official site has a map that shows the presence of coverage. But how is this really the case? Most of all interested in Cabarete, Sosua. Thanks!