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    Hello all. It is a pleasure to be part of such a useful resource.
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    Property Tax on Lots to Build

    Hola all! I want to buy a lot now and build a house later. What are the taxes on the lot before I build?
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    Hahn Air and Travelgenio Robbery

    I purchased a Hahn Air ticket through Travelgenio so my wife could return home to Santo Domingo from her mothers funeral in Haiti. She showed her reservation at the Hahn air counter but was told they don't have her reservation in the system. I have a feeling the attendant gave her seat to...
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    Typical allowed length of visit for Haitian to USA on nonimmigrant visa

    To those who have visited the USA from Haiti on a nonimmigrant visa, what is the typical awarded length of visit? The visa application on line states that 90 days is the limit but the actual award may be less.