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    Dominican Cheese

    So which Dominican cheese melts like mozzarella that is common in US? For recipes that need that type of cheese, I'm open to the cheeses sold here. But which one will melt?
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    Starlink Arrived

    Thank you! We recently moved to the Samaná area. I imagine you are talking about DHL & UPS offices elsewhere. We have CPS & EPS . Where can I find the locations of these offices. Suggestions for those who live far away from the DHL / UPS offices from experience,?
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    Starlink Arrived

    Side question since you mentioned your credit card. Is there a safe way to get a credit card sent from US to the DR? Had to cancel one of mine and bank will reissue a new one.
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    2022 Hurricane Season

    We live in the Samaná area where the hurricane took it all the electricity. So... After helping many people move debris, my husband is coming to airport to pick me up. Bringing the laundry because when we return to Samaná, we STILL may not have electricity to wash. Many if our neighbors do not...
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    Blackouts in Boca Chica

    How's the situation? Driving from Samaná tomorrow (still no power in Samaná) and need to pick up someone at airport Sunday. Going to look for air bnb in PC/to Boca Chica area with washer/dryer AND electricity.
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    Uber at Punta Cana Airport

    Someone has a specific day or this is general question. 🤔
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    2022 Hurricane Season

    Hello everyone. Suggestions for travelers to PC area? Looking for a stay Saturday for 3+ days. I'm flying in and my husband is driving in from Samaná (still no word when power will be restored) to pick me up. He said it would be great if we could find a place with washing machine to wash all...
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    2022 Hurricane Season

    Hello. We recently moved near Samaná City. I'm in the States, but my husband is in Samaná. Light Rain waves started about 10:00 am. This forum and this metrologist Jean Suriel (Spanish) (). have been my source of info. If you add a chat group on Whatsapp, please post how we can join. And...
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    Help With The Eticket Procedure

    That was in April. A couple of flights ago.
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    Help With The Eticket Procedure

    I have been asked to re-do my E-Ticket when I had completed it beyond 72 hours out. At the airport last week in Punta Cana, I saw a sign with a QR code for travelers to scan steering them to the online E-Ticket form. There were a number who were filling it out there before allowed into the...
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    Don't Pay Online For Overstay Extension

    This was Punta Cana. 😎
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    Don't Pay Online For Overstay Extension

    Thinking we could exit faster at the airport.... 😆 We paid for extension of stay online. Got the approval letter, kept digital copies of all official "ya pagado", link to show immigration officer the DR government website describing what the prepayment for overstay is, etc. They let me...
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    Cheapest ATM withdrawals with revolut or wise cards?

    Have you ever bought a car? How would you go about that. Advise please..
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    New Member Introduction

    So no residency needed fort bank account?
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    Chat with an immigration officer about tourist visas and overstaying

    This is my question. When you get the approval online, you can download the letter BEFORE paying. Then you can pay using the online system set up. But the letter doesn't have "PAID" stamped on it. How in the world would you PROVE that you did pay? I've only seen someone who has already...
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    Porting US number? DR # & US ? Advice please

    Hello! We finally are making a move for a permanent stay in the DR. I've had my Cell # for 34 years. While I will be getting a DR #, I'm also seeking suggestions on how to maintain that number in the DR. My DR friends and others contact me through Whatsapp by that number, but while we...
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    Immigration Application to Extend Tourist Card for 90 Days

    I am thinking you did what most everyone does... Pay the fine. However... Maybe what many of us are wondering... How do we do an extension following the guidelines on the immigration site? I am interested in knowing if this info from the...
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    Rapid Covid Test - El Conde

    We are planning a trip to Samana City maybe Las Galeras. The bus ride back to Santo Domingo is 3+ hours. Is there lab tests AT the airport? There are no clinics offering test in Samana, Samana... as far as I have researched. Not sure how to test coming from there with all luggage in tow...
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    Samana - what's up with the smoke?

    The rain was a welcome relief from this horrible smoke. It must be toxic, it is settling down and you can see the cloud hovering. But it's back now. Is this new or a usual burn?
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    NM Visa - Tourist Tax

    Quick question. I'm entering with NM Visa for first time. What should i expect when they ask for payment of tourist tax? What will i do different at the airport?