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    Miller American GT Challenge

    Miller American GT Challenge See you guys there!!! Tony C.
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    Punta Cana Charter Fishing Boats?

    I have some good friends heading down to Punta Cana Soon and I am havings some problems hooking them up with a Charter offshore Fishing boat. Anybody got a contact or website? Can't seem to find anything and nobody I know seems to have a clue either
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    What is next?

    Hippo is out. Fantastic! Congrats to the Dominican People! But whats next? Hippo has until August for him and his cronnies to gut the treasury. Their won't be a single paperclip left in a govt. Office for the PLD when they arrive. What is Leonel's plan? It is obvious he will have to make...
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    It's Happening

    Just as I said. The latest Gallup poll has Fernandez with 53.6 %. Gallup has a error rate of plus or minus 4 % so already it can be said that Leonel doesn't have enough to win on the First round. Not that Polls mean anything in the D.R.. Are you ready for 4 more years of Hippo? I know I am.
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    Drifting scene in the DR

    How is the drifting scene in the DR? Last time I was there it was just starting to catch on.
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    Lazy Reporters

    This is why I and many others are loosing respect for the media. Don't they have fact checkers anymore? This was posted on DR1. El Caribe is suppose to be one of the better papers in the DR. "20,000 semi-automatic rifles for what? The US embassy confirmed the existence of an agreement for the...
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    DR1 Cowards

    I always find it amusing that many of the newbies on DR1 who come in ready to chastise and tell us how to live our lives don't seem to want to recieve Private Messages or E-mailed. I mention this because one Ditzy Newbie who thinks she has the market cornered on Morality has question my...
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    Haitian Solution?

    Lets face facts! Neither side of the current Haitian turmoil can be considered good for future of Haiti. One is lead by a installed despot and the other side can best be described as "thugs". Now considering that anything that happens in Haiti has an Reaction in the DR what would you consider...
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    Dominican In Fla Politics

    An interesting article about a Dominican woman in Miami running for the Florida State Legislature Actually a very one-side article even by New Times Standards. All they do is talk about her opponents alleged improprieties...
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    Church & Politics. Touchy Subject!

    Most DR1 veterans know that discusiing religion is a no-no on DR1 but with the Church's increasingly active role in the Upcomming elections how is that subject going to be handled here? Most people here have no qualms bashing, critqueing, or praising various politicians. Will that be aloud...
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    Things getting bad in Haiti

    Opposition groups have taken over the Haitian Cities of Gonaives and Saint Marc. Last report is of 14 Haitian National Police Killed in an attempt to retake Gonaives by Aristide people. Other cities are reporting unrest as well. What was considered a rabble of protest groups have suddenly...
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    Good News?

    As quoted from DR1 News regarding Father Rogelio Cruz: "The good news is that the priest will be staying in the country, and not traveling abroad as he had been ordered to do so by the head of the Salesian Order for the Caribbean." How is this good news? I won't get into the whole Church...
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    DR1 baseball news Correction

    In the DR1's news section they wrote: "The Aguilas celebrated on Sunday the feat of long-time player Luis Polonia, who became only the 10th player in the history of Dominican baseball to accumulate 600 hits or more in a regular season. Polonia has scored 941 hits throughout the regular season...
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    People still think this way?

    In the DR1 news today Fernando Morillo, of the National Unity Council said ".....the President still has a chance to "put the country back on track" by introducing policies to reduce inflation and fuel prices, raise salaries and impose taxes on the rich." I still can't believe that there...
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    Debating Democracy

    Nal0whs, So your definition of democracy includes the use of violence against the wishes of the majority? Whether Hippo is a criminal or not is not the point. The point is that the system in the DR was created by the people. They voted the guys in who make the laws. As of now Hippo has...
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    Balance of power.

    Chavez has decided to threaten the balance of power in the Caribbean by openly negotiating with Russia for the purchase of 50 Mig-29SMT Fighters. These are a very advanced development of the Standard Mig-29. Besides being a fighter they have enhanced air-to-ground capabilities and are to be...
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    Once again some Dominicans have embarassed the DR. Pedro Martinez throwing at a Yankee's head. I have no problems with pitchers brushing back a batter or even throwing at one but you only throw at a batters head for 2 reasons. 1. The other teams pitcher threw at your batters head. 2. The...
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    Velocidad TV

    I need a contact in the DR form a TV program called Velocida(d) I believe it is on Channel 25. I met a few of the people from the show at this past weeks Grand Prix but couldn't find them later. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Listin Sociales section

    Anybody have a contact over in the Listin Diario's Weekend Sociales Section? I fondation is looking to advertise in it for a series of lectures in Spanish about Eating Disorders!
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    Let the stealing begin.

    Today in the Miami Fish Wrapper they are reporting that the IMF has finally approved a $600 million loan paving the way to up to $1 Billion. $120 Million will be released imediately for Hippo's Political Campaign. I need to get back down there to get a piece of the action. Other more important...