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    Antigen Test to Travel to Canada

    Today the Canadian government announced some easing of travel restrictions. As of March 1 fully vaccinated travelers arriving in Canada only have to take a pre-arrival antigen test, up to 24 hours before flying. You can still take a PCR test up to 72 hours before flying if you want. When you...
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    money laundering in Canada via the Dominican Republic

    Not sure where to post this, but it involves a Chinese international student arriving in Canada from the D.R. as well as parents arriving in Canada with visas issued by the Canadian Embassy in the Dominican Republic, and apparently laundering millions of dollars. Sounds like the D.R. was the...
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    Playa Dorado - when will they learn?

    A 1 week vacation with no electricity. Must be one of those new rustic, get back to nature packages.... Oops - Playa Dorada
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    squash game

    I will be in Sosua between Sept 27 and Oct 7. Last March when I was there I got in a game of squash at the Sosua Bay Resort, and would like to know if there is anyone in town that would like to play a game while I am there this trip. Any takers?
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    squash in Sosua Bay Resort

    Apparently there is a squash court in the Sosua Bary Resort and Casino. Does anybody know if this is for guest use only, or is the court available for drop-in or non-guest use. I'll be in Sosua from Feb 26 - March 14, anyone on this board from Sosua play squash?