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    Where to eat ?

    God damn it, In this country to get a breakfast, you have to wake up minimum at 4pm, or five even better, but still you are not able to eat what you want. That's unbelievable. Maybe anyone knows where can I eat at 8 to 12 oclock in the morning. Preferably sushi ? All I know is Marocha that...
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    Where to eat in the night?

    I'm just curious where may I eat in the early morning around 2-6 am. Any good restaurant that works late or 24h in SD? Do not offer those shitty hot dogs & pizzas at gas stations "on the run" por favor :) Many thanks.
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    Sex Shop

    hi guys, may be someone knows where is sex shop in santo domingo? Many thanks.
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    Russians in the DR ?

    Are there any russians in Santo Domingo? Wanna meet a guy or a girl that speaks russian, and they originally russians. Thanks
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    The best club in Santo Domingo?!

    Hi, I moved to RD, Santo Domingo in january of 2004 and at this time I still can't find a good club. I like nightlife very much. I have been in Trio, Praia, Monte Cristo, Abacus and all of them are just suxx. No face control, no dress code, everybody can get in. May be somebody knows a good...