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    Las Terrenas report

    Another beautiful day dawned over Las Ballenas beach. It was my dream to return to the island some day just to visit Playa Rincon , so we set off for there. The route was lovely, you climb up and down green mountains and hills, before reaching the capital of the peninsula, Santa Bárbara de...
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    Las Terrenas report

    Thank you all for your comments :)
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    Las Terrenas report

    Back in 2003 we drove from Boca chica to Las Terrenas and we did the same now. That dirt road has now become the carretera Samana, a relatively new highway that passes outside the villages where the dirt road used to pass, but it has enough tolls to lighten your wallet by about 20 euros. We...
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    Boca chica

    The beach of Boca Chica has a half moon shape and is protected by a reef along its entire length. That makes the beach looking like the biggest bathtub in the world because it has calm, warm water and is shallow, even if you walk 50 meters in, the water reaches your knees. In the center is...
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    Dominican Music

    I need your help again with a song. I tried with the lyrics or with Shazam but nothing.. I am not sure that the song is dominican though
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    Dominican Music

    Thank you!! I like Jose Jose but I had no idea about this song. Instead of Borrado I was listening abogado :LOL: Also I would like to mention that most of the singers like the senor who was singing on playa Caleton, were singing old mexican marriachi-like songs. I thought this one was...
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    Dominican Music

    I think I fixed it, thank you :)
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    Dominican Music

    Do you know which song is this? I speak a bit of spanish but I can't understand what this señor is saying. Private video. Download SHAZAM to your cel phone and you'll never have to ask again.
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    What happened to Rincon beach?

    I'm back from the Dominican Republic second trip there. Having been 20 years ago, I found many things that have changed, which is normal...but I was disappointed with El Rincon beach, which was my paradise on earth and the main reason to revisit the Samana peninsula. I remember swimming and...
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    Where is this waterfall?

    Yes, I saw it, but I have been to Samana before and never heard of it.
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    Where is this waterfall?

    Hi there, I'm ready for another trip to DR and looking for new places to explore :) I saw this video but I've never heard of this cascade. Does anyone know the location?
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    Bachata from Netherlands?

    After a trip a had this summer to Eindhoven Netherlands, I made a video and as I was looking for Dutch music to use as a soundtrack, I found this song which I liked. It sounds like
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    Samana, the most beautiful place on earth!

    I was very lucky to visit the Samana peninsula just ten years ago. We had rent a car and drove around the country, but we fell in love with El Rincon beach and Las Galeras village. I'm very curious to know if it still the quiet paradise i saw then. I really hope it is not full of AI resorts...
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    Isla Saona day trip Video

    An excellent day trip with lots of fun and unforgettable pictures..
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    My DR travel videos!