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  1. Abuela

    Opening a car dealership. Requirements?

    I just started reading " Night Angels" by Weina Dai Randel which focuses on China's assistance in visas to Shanghai to start the journey to the DR. The Chinese ambassador met the Dom Rep ambassador at an Eichmann cocktail party of all things and this chance meeting helped start the process of...
  2. Abuela

    digital designer

    Pamela Cuadros Filipov you can message her on facebook
  3. Abuela

    Food for thought

    Thanks THE best resolution for the new year.... Merry Christmas!
  4. Abuela

    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Perhaps its already been "sold" to cover prison expenses and bribes
  5. Abuela

    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    I have feared this result right along. Rest in peace Lindsay, karma can be a bitch and we hope she is!
  6. Abuela

    New Property Management and Concierge Services in Sosúa and Cabarete

    Coldwell Banker Amber Coast Realty also does management so you may want to re-think your company name.
  7. Abuela

    Police Traffic Stop

    thread is now so off topic its just car ads
  8. Abuela

    Weekend at Abuela's

    See, news of my demise was greatly exaggerated!
  9. Abuela

    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    See #447 Alter Ego has the exact directions
  10. Abuela

    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    They have some freelancers but mostly just recycle from other news sources but I thought since they have English language readers it might be a way to get publicity for the 16th.
  11. Abuela

    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Let's all email Dominican Today with a request for coverage. Contact Us Phone: (809) 334-6386
  12. Abuela

    Covid Vaccination Site

    Jumbo in Puerto Plata still had a vaccine station in the south entrance so maybe all Jumbo's have them countrywide.
  13. Abuela

    Dominican baby boy gets honor of being eighth billion person

    I think the Spanish spelling of 8 billion is correct
  14. Abuela

    Edenorte Seems to be Offline

    I use the oficina site to get my electric bill and usually around the 8th, still no factor available. Is it just us or have others had difficulty? Site is still offline. Cabarete office was clueless about the delay.
  15. Abuela

    Seeking Insurance Agent / Company: Puerto Plata or Sosúa

    Soporte ARS / Seguros Universal C/ Pedro Clisante #13, Sosua 57000 Puerto Plata. R.D. Tel.: 829-986-9866 / SOS 809-571-3451 / CAB 809-571-0668 / Fax: 809-571-3453 Email:
  16. Abuela

    American Restauranteur Murdered in Las Terranas

    Sorry power went of while posting here is the translation & source. Found dead and gagged a North American national in a village in Las Terrenas The Lands, Samana. - He was found dead and gagged at about 9:00 pm last night Wednesday October 26 the lifeless body of a man who was identified as...
  17. Abuela

    American Restauranteur Murdered in Las Terranas

    Sad news from Las Terranas about the murder of Mario Oliver well known Californian restauranteur. El mismo residía en el sector de Las Ballenas del municipio de Las Terrenas en esta provincia de Samaná, según información de lugar los causantes de la muerte sustrajeron varios relojes de la...
  18. Abuela

    Chinese Restaurant in Cabarete

    A few weeks ago on FB, someone wrote about the Dad having a back injury unable to travel back but their location was not noted.
  19. Abuela

    W Hotel Cabarete

    Their billboards around the site says "look for us in 2024" as in mañana, mañana,manana!
  20. Abuela

    Marbete 2022-2023

    I can't find any announcement about marbetes which is usually advertised at the end of September. Does anyone have the info?