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    Poker tournament in Matum Casino 18-20 December

    I was in the Matum casino recently and thought I'd pass word to any texas hold 'em afficionados that they are holding their 3rd annual poker tournament 18-20 December. From what I could decipher, the entry fee is 25,000 DOP, no re-buys, with a guaranteed payout of 1.5M DOP.
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    How does one get UASD's administration to work?

    Any suggestions on how to get UASD's administration in Santo Domingo to perform a normal function of a university - specifically, to produce an official transcript for a student? We first requested one almost a year ago for my wife, who has been trying to transfer from UASD (Santiago) to PUCMM...
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    Outgoing email server for codetel?

    I've searched for information regarding the outgoing email server to use in Outlook for sending email via Codetel, but all I found was a message saying that different users are told to use different servers. Unfortunately, I was not here when our service was installed, and apparently no...
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    Continental stopping Newark-STI flights in September

    Continental Airlines announced that it is going to stop flying between Newark and Santiago, and close its station in STI, as of September 3, 2008: Continental Airlines --> see the entry dated 6/12/08
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    Appliance shopping in Santiago

    Any recommendations regarding where to purchase new appliances, specifically stove, clothes washer and wall-type air conditioner - particularly in regard to lowest price? Has anyone noticed significant price differentials between Hawaii, La Sirena, Bellon, etc? Also, can I expect the delivery...
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    Foreign Transaction Fees on credit cards

    I was just informed by my (US) credit card issuer that they are going to charge a 1% fee on all foreign transactions (i.e., transactions outside the US). When I called the issuer to complain I was told that they are simply passing along a fee that Visa and Mastercard (and American Express - at...
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    Market adjustment coming?

    I have a question for those who have lived in the DR for a substantial period of time to have noted real estate trends. Is the ongoing adjustment in the US real estate market likely to be duplicated in the DR? I've seen other threads in the Real Estate section that indicate that houses (and...
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    Gran Almirante

    FYI, the pool at the Gran Almirante is temporarily closed while they work on the wood decks surrounding it. Well, actually, it is just drained and coated with sawdust, but I guess you could use it for shuffleboard or something else if you really wanted to... The jacuzzi is not drained, but...
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    Living together - the social mores

    Hello all, I have a question for those of you more intimately familiar with the social mores here... I think I have finally met the woman I've been hoping to find for a long time (yes, I know, you've heard that before), but no, I am not a complete DR neophyte - I have visited the country...
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    Taxi from STI vs. rental car

    Hi all, I'm arriving in Santiago for a couple weeks starting the 8th, and was wondering how much I should expect to pay for a taxi from STI to the Hodelpa Gran Almirante hotel. Since I'll be in the country 2-3 weeks, and would like to visit the north coast, i thought of renting a car...