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  1. DR_Guy

    It may not be as safe here as you'd like, or would hope to believe.

    Too long to read. So I am glad it happened or glad it diddnt happen. Whichever way.
  2. DR_Guy

    Few questions on DR Dating Scene & 3 Date Rule.

    Probably a good shrink can answer your question.
  3. DR_Guy

    Scotiabank Withdrawal - CDN$

  4. DR_Guy

    Foreigners Pay For Everyone?

    They probably wouldnt be going out or with you if they were not invited. Pay for everything. You mentioned they were low income friends. Dont be tacano brother.
  5. DR_Guy

    Artists: Prohibited to Mention Drugs in their Songs

    Whats going to happen to the people who buy the ropa de alpaca shirts and running around with marijuana leaves on their t shirt?
  6. DR_Guy

    Problems at Banco Santa Cruz

    I had an issue like that and the money was credited back on its own (Popular)
  7. DR_Guy

    US bombshell prohibition of La Romana sugar stirs major responses

    Have you seen the riots at the iphone factory in China? The sugar plantation treat workers better than iphone, but I doubt the USA will block importation for using foreced laboor.
  8. DR_Guy

    Flying to DR With Small Dog

    TBH I wouldnt risk it.
  9. DR_Guy

    DR Nights and Playboy Vacation in the News!

    He obviouslyy does not
  10. DR_Guy

    Huge Hospital Bill

    Small town hospitals are government owned and free. If you dont have insurance the other hospitals make you pay a estimated cost up front before you get treated. The whole story doesnt make a lot of sense tbh.
  11. DR_Guy

    There is a lot of gold in the hills of the Dominican Republic

    Says a guy who owns a car made from metal from mines and a cellular with a lithium battery. LOL dude
  12. DR_Guy

    There is a lot of gold in the hills of the Dominican Republic

    Yes, you can pan gold in the Rio Osama near Maimon Bonao and also near Altagarcia
  13. DR_Guy

    Help - CPS

    Never had that happen with EPS. On the rare occaision they need an invoice, I print the Amazon invoice and it sufficies. I have sent pixel phones and paid not takes.
  14. DR_Guy

    Title on House

    Probably need a lawyer first. Then get a sales contract signed for the land. Then have a surveyor survey and apply for a deslinde or "title". Then wait to see if anyone objects and then wait 1 to 2 years. Simple
  15. DR_Guy

    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    How do you reorder within your account? I can only seem to do it if I make new one
  16. DR_Guy


    I worry about the mechanics
  17. DR_Guy

    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    How do you actually contact them? Mine was cancelled and I cant create a ticket. It always says failed on their end.
  18. DR_Guy

    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    Went quiet. Did everyone get it ordered or gave up. Still stuck on RNC I am in Costa Rica, I wonder if it is IP restricted on web I cant even send a support ticket
  19. DR_Guy

    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    Thats great. I get almost 1MB download and not even 0,5 MB download from Claro for $40. not to mention the dsl drops every 15 minutes or so. And my place on the river doesnt even have cell reception
  20. DR_Guy

    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    Appreciate the offer. My wife will take care of it.