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  1. JD Jones

    importing wheels and tires to the DR?

    5 sets, or a set of 5? A rim will run around 30-35 lbs each, a tire runs about 30-50 lbs. each. Food for thought
  2. JD Jones

    Politicians line up to compete for National District mayor seat

    Yes. Guido was tight with Hipolito when he was president. A little hot headed though, and once pulled a gun on a crowd for some reason I no longer remember. I think that knocked him out of the inner circle.
  3. JD Jones

    Reporting blackmail and attemped extorsion

    Two words: Forget it. Start over again and be more careful.
  4. JD Jones

    New Member

    Welcome to DR1! It's nice to see someone new from my neck of the woods. I hope we can answer all of your questions. The more specific, the better. Can you tell us a little more about the property? Business? Villa?
  5. JD Jones

    WTF? Price at Hotel Barcelo

    For the most part, I'm perfectly happy with the way hotels have always treated me. My biggest issue with hotels back in the day was their continental breakfasts, but I could always find a Denny's.
  6. JD Jones

    Earthquake at 7:11

    How's that for a morning wake up alarm?:D
  7. JD Jones

    TV Won’t Turn On.

    Knowing where AE lives, I'm going with salt air damage.
  8. JD Jones

    CPI 2022: Dominican Republic makes progress in the fight against corruption

    You eat an elephant one bite at a time.
  9. JD Jones

    Katerine Motica of Jompéame wins the National Youth Award 2023

    This woman is doing some amazing work although her group goes a little overboard at times. I expect we'll see a lot of her in the future.
  10. JD Jones

    President Abinader talks business in Miami; attends wedding

    No controversy, he married a a former Miss Paraguay and invited some of his friends.
  11. JD Jones

    How many of you are using an office chair?

    You know, the one with the little double plastic wheels that swivel? I've been fighting my office chair for a long time. It seems like it never goes in the direction I want it to go. I finally jumped on Amazon to see what they offered, and I found these: 3 inch roller blade wheels. 40...
  12. JD Jones

    Excelente Oportunidad Para Villa o Rancho

    No problem! Are you going to tell us where your property is located? :unsure:
  13. JD Jones

    Excelente Oportunidad Para Villa o Rancho

    Do a screen shot, come here and open a reply, then tap and hold your finger on the screen until "Paste" appears. Or go to the screenshot on your phone, tap and hold until copy shows up, then tap and hold your finger on the screen until "Paste" appears.
  14. JD Jones

    Dominican Chicharrones

    Yum.. I've got like 8-9 different restaurants here in San Cristobal with Pedidosya who offer mofongo con chicharrones. Heaven.
  15. JD Jones

    Ozempic (Semaglutide)

    200 bucks for a box of 4 injections, I believe. I have read many times it's a lifetime requirement to avoid regaining weight.
  16. JD Jones

    How does one report loud music ?

    No packed restaurant with music blaring across the street will ever see a peso of my money. They'll also get a bad review free of charge.
  17. JD Jones

    Politicians line up to compete for National District mayor seat

    I'd love to see Carolina stick around for another 4. She and David are some of the best this island has produced.
  18. JD Jones

    Physicians reject deals Social Security Council offers

    The days of cheap medical care in the DR are numbered and rapidly disappearing.
  19. JD Jones

    PGA Tour Punta Cana 2023

    I've decided not to participate so don't go if you were expecting to see me. lol