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  1. Keith R

    N17JE crash lands in Venezuela, three arrested

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  2. Keith R

    Variety says the DR is a great place to film

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  3. Keith R

    Got a "Clean Energy" Project Idea for the DR? Here's Your Chance to get it Financed

    Got a "Clean Energy" Project Idea for the DR? Here's Your Chance to get it Financed The call for proposals includes those originating from the DR. Among the types of projects eligible: biogas, biomass, biofuels, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, tidal power, energy efficiency, clean...
  4. Keith R

    Google Earth Tour of DR's Marine & Coastal Ecosystems

    Nicely done, even though at times it sounds like a tourism or high school science video. :-) Good for helping Dominicans and non-Dominicans alike realize the rich ecosystem diversity and biodiversity within the DR borders.!
  5. Keith R

    High-Level Dialogue this Sat. 28 July on Lake Enriquillo

    From FUNGLODE:
  6. Keith R

    2nd Edition of DR Environmental Film Festival

    News From FUNGLODE:
  7. Keith R

    "Roadmap" to Sustainable Energy in the DR?

    "On the Road(map) to a Sustainable Energy Future" Worldwatch Launches Sustainable Energy Roadmap for Dominican Republic
  8. Keith R

    Haven't We Been Down This Road Before? (Several Times?)

    Nov 3, 2011 IDB provides $200 million to make Dominican electricity sector more efficient and reliable Electricity sector in Dominican Republic - Inter-American Development Bank
  9. Keith R

    International Climate Action Day in the DR

    Tomorrow, Saturday 24 Oct., is International Climate Action Day, a day when people around the world conduct events designed to draw attention to the issues involved in global climate change and the push for a new international agreement on measures to deal with it. A Dominican NGO...
  10. Keith R


    I just read that Venezuela will be buying 49% of REFIDOMSA, the DR's sole petroleum refinery. Is anyone else uneasy about the idea of Venezuela now not only providing a lion's share of the DR's crude imports, but also running its only refinery? The increased vulnerability to Chavez's whims...
  11. Keith R

    Reconciling Luxury Resorts with Socio-Environmental Responsibility

    Jake Kheel of Puntacana Resort on Being a Luxury Ecotourism Trailblazer A pretty good interview, Jake. Congrats. Wish I had been the one to do the interview! :glasses:
  12. Keith R

    A Solar Power Plant in the DR?

    Saw this in yesterday's Diario Libre: You can read the rest of the article here: RD firma acuerdo para planta de energ?a solar - Anybody know anything more about this project and/or this company, Sunovia, that I can't read in the propaganda on their website?
  13. Keith R

    Harnessing the Power of Images

    One thing I have always thought would help the goal of promoting environmental protection and sustainable development more in the DR would be to get more photos that say what a 1000 words cannot say -- both for showing what's worth protecting (mountainsides, forests, rivers, reefs, national...
  14. Keith R

    Forest fires

    question to those of you currently residing in the DR: The Environment Ministry says that it's getting word out about this being high risk season for wildfires and asking people to report any that they may see. I'm wondering if you folks are actually seeing public service ads (PSAs) to that...
  15. Keith R

    Land Degradation: Impact of Farmers

    "The Challenge Land Degradation Poses for the DR"
  16. Keith R

    Buying Votes with Subsidies?

    From the latest issue of "Subsidy Watch" of the Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI): Global Subsidies Initiative
  17. Keith R

    DR Environmental Cooperation with Cuba?

    What exactly does Puig hope to learn from Cuba? Yes, they do conserve energy, but that's because they have no choice, they can't afford the oil imports. The Cuban experience in "alternative energy"? Which???? They have not done much in wind or solar yet, nothing in geothermal, wave or...
  18. Keith R

    ATTENTION: Give Hillbilly your love

    Some of you might have missed this, because it is posted in the Living forum under a title that some might not grasp the significance of... The son of our beloved board curmudgeon, Hillbilly, died today. Folks, Luis (HB) is special. Most of you who have been on this board any length of time...
  19. Keith R

    Workshop on Access to Government Info

    Upcoming at the Fundacion Global in Santo Domingo: Jornada Internacional ?El libre acceso a la informaci?n p?blica: Una condici?n para dise?ar, ejecutar y evaluar las Pol?ticas P?blicas? En coordinaci?n con la C?tedra UNESCO de Comunicaci?n, Gobernabilidad y Democracia con sede en la...