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    San Pedro de Macoris

    So i am going with a buddy of mine whose from San Pedro de Macoris.I am staying there for a week.I am curious for those that have been there.Are the women pretty in that town?What are some nice hot spots there.
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    Anyone going too the DR parade?

    Anyone going too the DR parade in nyc this sunday?Its in manhattan in the avenue of the americas.I am waiting for the city to finally give us the parade on 5th avenue where it belongs.Dominicans owned bodegas, drive taxis, etc, they have benefited the city, we are hard working people.
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    Former dominican weather forecaster from univision?

    I am trying to remember a former weather forecaster from univision, she covered 911 when it happened and she almost got killed when the buildings collapsed.I dont remember her name, she was light-skinned and had these beautiful eyes, i am not talking about Birmania Rios, before her.Does anyone...
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    Zoe Saldana or Dania Ramirez

    Whose better looking from these 2 dominican actresses?Zoe Saldana or Dania Ramirez?
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    Juelz Santana

    Whats the deal with Juelz Santana negating his dominican roots?I saw a picture of this guy's mom and she looks spanish.I always thought he looked like the late actor Merlin Santana who was dominican.
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    Generalization of dominicans

    Does anyone think there is a generalization of dominicans when it comes to color?I say this cause i am a light-skinned dominican and when people come to me, they say are u rican?I tell them no, i am dominican and they look at it in a funny way.I say this cause people think dominicans are only...
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    Bachata artist

    Hey i am new here.I was listening to some bachata videos and there was this female artist.I wanna know if anyone knows the artist's name, she is female and in the video she is singing bachata with lakers jersey and they playing basketball in the background.Does anyone know the artist's name?