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    Alzheimer's/Dementia in the DR

    Can anyone tell me how common Alzheimer's Disease and/or Dementia are among the elderly in the DR? Are there any resources, clinics etc that specialize in this area on the North Coast? Thanks! Sangria
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    Everything to do with CAIPS Notes - Re: Immigration Canada

    HOW TO ORDER CAIPS NOTES There are 5 steps : 1) Fill out Form IMM 5563 2) Fill out Form IMM 5475 3) Include photocopy of both passports/photo id with signature 4) Include $5.00 Payment 5) Send by mail/fax to Ottawa IMM 5563 “Acess to Information & Personal Information Request” To be filled...
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    Theft at POP - Air Transat Flight

    CTV 6pm news tonight... Air Transat flight POP-YYZ 20 passengers report theft from their luggage. Seems that most bags were cut and rifled through...missing items include cameras, electronics and clothes. Foreign affairs says they are monitoring the airport and a full investigation is under...
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    Appeal Timelines - Immigration Canada

    This thread was created to share timelines for those members who are in the appeal process with Immigration Canada. Hopefully this thread will help our members to get an idea of how long the appeal process can take and provide support to everyone going through it. Suggested format for posting...
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    Immigration Canada - What do you do after you have been denied

    This thread is intended to provide/share information for those who have been denied Permanent Residence Status by Immigration Canada and to help them choose the best path to take in contining the process to be reunited with their spouses. This thread is open to: - Questions/Answers regarding...
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    Brugal at the LCBO!

    They started selling "Brugal Gold" about 3 weeks ago at the LCBO. Hopefully Presidente will soon follow!!
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    Info...Immigration Canada

    There is really only 1 thing to blame and that is all the people who have previously committed visa fraud, therefore making it all the more difficult for those who do have great spouses and truly genuine relationships to be granted a visa. My husband told me that the day he went to pick up his...
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    Immigration Interviews - Focus on Communication and Family

    In light of the outcomes of the last few rounds of interviews and the discussion in How many people include proof of communication in some form other than calling cards...ex..detailed phone bills, emails...
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    October Interviews - Immigration Canada

    Just wanted to wish the following people good luck this week with their spouses permanent resident interviews! lisa.jensen, cathay and kacy Please keep us posted with how everything went. I am sure we will all be anxiously awaiting the news!!! Sangria
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    Looking for Edenorte Phone Number

    Would anyone be able to give me the phone number for Edenorte in Puerto Plata on Beller? I have done a couple searches but not sure if the numbers I have found are correct. Thanks so much! Sangria
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    When to send additional proof of relationship - Immigration Canada

    Hi Everyone, These questions has been sent to me by PM a few times lately and I was wondering what each of you has done in this situation or if you have any opinions or words of advice. 1) If/When is the right time to send in additional proof of relationship? 2) Can you send additional proof...
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    before you send your application

    There have been a lot of visa denials lately and I think some words of advice for those who are starting the visa process would be helpful...I wish this info was available when i was going crazy questioning my application and the proof we provided. Hopefully people will add their insight and...
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    Live Bachata - Cafe Santo Domingo - June 27

    Wilson Manuel is a local Bachata singer will be at Santo Domingo Cafe this Saturday June 27, 9:30 pm. No cover.
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    POP to Port au Prince

    Can someone please tell me the best way and how to go from Puerto Plata to Port-Au-Prince...Canadian Embassy. Thanks Sangria
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    Unacceptable...Canadian Embassy in Haiti is dysfunctional!

    What are they doing in Haiti....seriously My husband was called to pick up his proof of relationship documents and passport and visa on March 30. When we arrived they only had the proof of relationship documents and told us the passport was sent separately on April 1 and we would have to come...
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    Cost to take bus Puerto Plata - Santo Domingo

    I am looking on the caribe tours website but it seems to be under construction. Does anyone know approx. how much a return ticket from Puerto Plata to Santo Domingo is? Thanks Sangria
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    another question about tarifas!!

    Should I expect to pay for my 4 month old daughter as well? We will have been here 2 months when we leave and I know I will have to pay 800 pesos....just wondering if anyone knows if they charge infants as well. thanks sangria
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    Call From Haiti!

    We recieved a call this morning from Haiti asking us to please send our original marriage certificate along with my husbands original birth certificate and passport by courier in order to finalize our application. She called back 5 minutes later to say that if she receives our package this...
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    Canadian Immigration Wait Times Update

    As of today, new timelines are posted. Average time to sponsor someone under the family class is now 9 to 20 months. Application Processing Times: Applications Processed Outside of Canada Hopefully this wont affect those of us that are still waiting. :ermm:
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    Negotiate exchange rate at the bank

    i was in the scotia bank in puerto plata the last week and wanted to exchange some canadian dollars to pesos. the rate at the exchange banks is 26 i think and i though i could do better at the bank but the teller was trying to negotiate with me. first she offered me 23 then 24 then 25...i...