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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    Just in time for high season. I guess my beach days will be spent in Cabarete
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    Am I naive...

    Run. Why would a guy in his forties want 2 young children. You are a wallet and nothing more
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    Too many French Canadians in Las Terrenas
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    Covid Antigen Test in Sosúa

    Just came home to Canada and cheapest place is beside Bon ice cream store. $30 US. Test is a joke . No chance of positive as they just touch the inside of your nostril with swab. Money maker only
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    Antigen Test to Travel to Canada

    More BS from our Liberal govt. So now you can take an antigen test the day before your departure to Canada. But if you test positive you will have to keep trying to test negative on an antigen 24 hours prior to a flight home. The only way to fly home with a positive test is if it is a PCR ( not...
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    Reduced reduced CV19 Deaths

    How do you know. Do you believe anything that comes out of the chinese govt mouth
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    PCR test Sosua/Cabarete

    Anywhere in Cabarete that does PCR tests
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    PCR test Sosua/Cabarete

    You will not leave the country without a proper PCR test. The airline will not let you board without
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    PCR test Sosua/Cabarete

    Great. Are they going to have shortages in the DR like Canada and the USA now. I really want to come to POP but if this is the start of test shortages I will not take a chance until Turdeau drops the testing requirement 72 hours prior to take off
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    Any News Arriving from Canada (Puerto Plata Airport)?

    Anyone have first hand experience arriving lately at POP. How many people are they pulling aside for random tests
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    Board a Flight to Canada 14 Days After a Positive Test

    That is not my question since she had a negative test. Some people test positive again and again
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    Board a Flight to Canada 14 Days After a Positive Test

    Yes but some people keep testing positive. I am looking to see if airlines are letting people board with a positive test after 15 days without re testing
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    Any Shortage of PCR Testing in The Sosúa Area?

    Lots of issues getting a test in Canada and USA. What about north coast of DR
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    Board a Flight to Canada 14 Days After a Positive Test

    Our govt will let us back in Country at this point but the big question is the airlines and counter staff in POP. Anyone Know if this has happened.
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    Covid Recovery Certificate

    Tell us more about what you know re. false positive scam
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    PCR Test in Sosúa

    Do you know if they are open on Sundays
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    PCR Test in Sosúa

    Any know how long it takes to get these results. Is it still next day
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    Random covid testing at airport

    Are they still doing random testing upon arrival. If so and you test positive where do they send people.
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    PCR Testing upon arrival

    Wrong. You do not need a test to board a plane in Canada. Only if you are not Vaccinated
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    Medical insurance for 6 months a year

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to look at options for coverage while in the country. Looking at spending 6 or 7 months a year on north coast.