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    Just retired to Cabarete; looking for next apartment

    Well, I finally retired in December and made my move to Cabarete last week. I?m pretty much all moved in now. I?m renting a studio apartment for $900 a month. It?s very nice and very safe ? 24 hour security. However, it is a little small. I paid my rent in full for the entire six-month...
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    Questions on retirement visa

    I am now within eight months of the date that I plan on retiring in the DR. I have read on the website of Guzman-Ariza the requirements to qualify for the residency visa based upon retirement. I?m currently in the process of gathering the required documents. I just have a couple of questions...
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    Dominican man records viral video of police shooting in U.S.

    Feidin Santana, a Dominican immigrant to the United States has recorded what may be the most viral video of a police brutality case since the Rodney King beating video in 1991: Feidin Santana, Who Recorded Police Shooting Of Walter Scott, Speaks Out - NBC News
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    Dominican MLB players article in Wash Post

    Here's a nice article about Dominican players in MLB that appeared in the Washington Post: Hosting Dominican baseball players feed visitors with their favorites from home - The Washington Post
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    Metastasis on Unimas

    Does anyone get Unimas in the DR? If so, is anyone watching Metastasis? This is the Colombian version of Breaking Bad. I like watching Spanish telenovelas to improve my Spanish, but I have to say that most of them are just garbage. It's currently in what would be season three of Breaking Bad...
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    Retirement Visa question

    I am a U.S. federal government employee who is looking to retire in the Dominican Republic within the next year or two. I am looking to retire on the retirement visa program that was started in the DR a few years ago where if you can show that you have a government pension of $1500 a month or...
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    Retiring in Dominican Republic

    I just joined and would like to introduce myself. I have vacationed in the DR a few times in the last few years and have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to retire there when I am eligible in two years through my job. I am single with no children, so I will be retiring alone. I...