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    to re enter usa from the dr ?

    Is it possible to get a Covid 19 test in Las Terranas in a day?
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    Pueblo Pescadores burned down again in Las Terrenas

    So, does LT have it's own fire equipment, or is Sanchez the only recourse in the event of fire?
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    Boca Chica?

    It will be interesting to hear what BC is like after Covid 19. You've got a first row seat to the 'new normal'. It's especially good that you relocated there after the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks for posting.
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    Taxi Service in Las Galeras

    Is there taxi service in Las Galeras?
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    Transport Las Terranas - Las Galeras

    Does anyone know of a public bus/gua gua that goes from Las Terranas to Las Galeras?
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    SD Carnivale 2019

    When will Carnivale be celebrated in Santo Domingo this year?
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    Samana to Las Terranas

    I would like to go from Samana to LT next month and I don't want to spend the money on a taxi. Is there a way to travel via guagua or Caribe Tours?
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    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Permit me this opportunity to express my wish for all of you to have a very happy and prosperous new year, and to thank you for all of the wonderful information you have shared throughout the year!
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    Getting to Las Galeras

    I am heading to Las Galeras in January and would like to know the best way to get there. I'll be leaving from Santo Domingo so I guess that a bus to Samana is the best way to start, but what then? Thanks!
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    United Nations Admits role in Cholera
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    Does anyone have information about the Zika virus in the DR?
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    Bahia de las Aguilas

    This appears in the DR1 News: Presidency announces plan for Bahia de las Aguilas. Does anyone think it will make a real difference?
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    Fitch Report

    After what appears to be the continuing turmoil in Las Terranas and Chikungunya, this Fitch Report[reported in the DR1 News] looks like really good news for a change!
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    Medina reigns in ministers perks?!

    Wow! Medina puts damper on spending President Danilo Medina surprised his ministers and officials yesterday, Thursday 15 May, by issuing a memo that prohibits high-ranking officials from purchasing vehicles, remodeling their offices and purchasing equipment. The memo, which was signed by the...
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    Playa Rinco

    I'm planning a trip to Las Galeras and am hoping that you can help me find the best way to Playa Rincon and if there is somewhere to eat when I get there? Thanks!
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    Samana to Las Terranas

    Can someone suggest an inexpensive way of traveling from Samana to LT?
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    Passport Question

    So, I've traveled so much from the US to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica that I have no more of the regular pages in my unexpired passport to stamp (there are, however, a few more pages for 'Endorsements and Amendments'). Is this going to cause me a problem getting into and leaving SDQ...
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    Case against Fernandez and Funglode processed

    So what's the scoop on this case against Leonel and his foundation that's reported in the DR1 News? And who is this prosecutor?
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    PRD Disciplinary Trial vs. Hipolito, et al.

    I'm curious about the proceeding reported in the DR1 News by the PRD against Hipolito and others. Can anyone enlighten me?
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    Remembering the Earthquake of January 12, 2010

    With all that has happened since, let us all take a moment to remember and honor the lives of all those who lost thier lives in the earthquake three years ago today.