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    Expired rental contract

    With respect to everyone, I am only looking for answers to this question from those who know for sure, thank you. A person or company rents an office premises with a contract and that contract expires. It does not state within that contract what would happen if the contract has expired. No new...
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    Ripped off at the petrol station

    At the petrol station on the highway just west of Sosua, the one that used to be Shell. I cannot believe I fell for this, I usually watch them like a hawk but this time I had my wife and friend in the car and we were all chatting and distracted. I asked for 1000 pesos, he put the nozzle in and...
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    Santiago store info

    The new Nacional supermarket, which is on the Moca road just as you hit Santiago, is situated in a plaza. At the other end of the plaza is a very nice homeware store. Does anyone know the name of that store please?
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    Santiago realtor

    I have a friend/client who has a property he would like to sell in Santiago. Can anyone recommend or give me details of any realtors there?
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    Female doctor

    Can anyone recommend an English speaking female doctor in Sosua/Cabarete?
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    Claro in Perla Marina

    Does anyone who lives in a house in Perla Marina, Sosua have Claro internet? I want to know about the stability of band width!
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    O+ blood needed

    Hi everyone. A good friend of mine, Jim Hughes, is in CMC in Sosua and they are in need of O+ blood. As far as I can see only O+ is acceptable for someone with this group. If anyone can help you can simply go direct to CMC. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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    A little help needed

    Most people in the Sosua area know of Emily Watson and her dance school. Emily does a lot of performing at various charity events and has been helping out at the Casa de Art project which is now providing Ballet classes for some of the very poorest children in the area. Emily also has an adult...
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    Debt recovery companies

    I have been asked this question by a good friend but I couldn't answer it so I thought I would ask it here and pick someone else's brain! Does anyone know of any debt recovery agencies on the north coast? They must be strictly legal and a professional company. Sorry but I can't give you any...
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    Christmas Concert

    On Saturday (14th) evening at 7.30 there is going to be a Christmas Concert in the Parque Mirador in Sosua.
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    ARS Monumental and CMC Sosua

    This is just a heads up! I have been advised by my insurance agent that CMC in Sosua have cancelled their contract with ARS Monumental and no longer accept their cover. This is due to some conflicts between the two and may get resolved but right now CMC will only take Monumental clients in...
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    English Premier League

    I don't know if this has already been asked but I couldn't find anything on it. The EPL starts tomorrow, Saturday, and Fox Soccer no longer have the rights to show it. I believe that NBC will be showing it but on NBC Sports. Does anyone know if we will get the footy on De Lancer and on what channel?
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    Setanta in Sosua

    Have any other footy fans noticed that Setanta has disappeared from view in Sosua. I have called De Lancer and they are looking into it but I also see that their are no listings showing on the Setanta website! Getting worried coz it's FA Cup games this weekend!
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    I need a real estate agent in Santiago

    Do any of you Santigo folks have a 'good' contact in real estate? I have someone looking to buy an apartment in Santiago. Requirements are Must be a professional, not someone who just dabbles! English speaking Must provide some after sale assistance Thanks in advance!
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    New British Ambassador

    So, us lucky old Brits are getting a new Ambassador eh? Ian Worthington will, in my humble opinion, be a tough act to follow so if anyone would like to see a brief CV on OUR new guy, take a butchers at this! Our Man the serial adulterer: The married diplomat who had three affairs and got...
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    Printers in Sosua

    Does anyone know of any printers in Sosua? Business cards initially but also for other promotional items. I've been using a Puerto Plata company until now but am getting p#### off with the service, or lack of!
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    In The Heights

    Has anyone else seen this show? It's about Dominicans, Cubans etc living in Washington Heights in NYC. We saw it in December whilst we were in NY for a few days and it is stunning, great music and so funny. Anyone who has spent alot of time here or are from here should see it! There were a lot...
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    Piano tuner needed

    I'm looking to dip into the pool of un-ending knowledge that is DR1 Does anyone know of a professional piano tuner who will come to Sosua to tune a Baldwin baby grand?
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    Face paints Sosua/Puerto Plata

    Anybody know where you can buy face paints in Sosua or Puerto Plata?
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    Baby Grand piano

    I have a client who is looking for a baby grand piano, new or used. Does anyone know of anywhere he might find one here or do you think he will need to ship one over from the states?