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    Health Care in DR

    I was reading the thread about nurse, stating that nurses in the DR have no formal training and even normal standards of hygiene are a problem. Now I'm wondering about the health care system and hospitals in the DR. Is it possible to find doctors and at least one hospital (if one is needed)...
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    Germans moving away

    Hello you all! I read in a few threads and other articles that a lot of Germans selling their properties and moving away from the northcoast. Why is that and where are they moving to? Another country or somewhere else in the domenican republic? Thanks Mark
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    Buying apartment building

    Hello! I'm planning to buy a 10 unit apartment building in the DR and convert it into a apartment hotel. How is the legal situation in regards to the old tenants. Can I just wait for all leases to end and not renew them, or do longterm tenants have a right of a very long cancelation term (like...