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    Domestic worker wants to quit do we pay liquidation ??

    Our live in domestic worker has decided to quit his job. He has asked for money, RD$20-30,000. The way I understand the Labour law, Domestics do not benifit from the labour laws, but I am not totally sure. Do I have any obligation that I am not aware of? Period of work: 3 1/2 years Type of...
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    Hygiene in Fast Food Restaurants

    Girl's Science Project May Make You Rethink That Drink Order Although not directly DR related, it probably applies here just as much. Enjoy that Cuba Libre! Geert
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    Road Santiago - Puerto Plata # 25?

    I am planning to visit some friends in Sosua and wonder if anyone has recently taken the mountain road Santiago - Puerto Plata # 25? I understand that it was damaged badly during the rains last month and that even the bus drivers refused to use it. Has the road been repaired? Or at least is it...