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    Sosua Police/Noise Hotline

    When the neighbours complained about a different dog it got all the way to the fiscal.(squabble between rich gringos,of course). He simply said 'Dogs are supposed to bark'. Next case.
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    The future of Sosua

    I think the planters project is purely a lack of foresight and not some deep-rooted conspiracy to put all of PC out of business. It simply means that the cars will be further into the road if they need to open the passenger door.The other side is already a no parking zone so doesn't apply there.
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    The future of Sosua

    The unfortunate fact is that they burnt down the whole house to get rid of the cockroaches. Rebuilding will take time, And cockroaches are very resilient.
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    The future of Sosua

    With the new planters in the sidewalk it's now not possible to open the passenger door at the kerb. Doh!
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    Monorail coming for Santo Domingo and Santiago

    To connect with the yet invisible Sosua Hospital and Autopista del Norte ? Of course..How could one possibly be cynical.?
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    Just a half an hour flight away: DR needs to focus on attracting tourists from Puerto Rico

    I don't know of any direct half-hour flights.Are there any presently?
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    Puerto Plata’s international airport gets high marks for passenger flow and accessibility

    Seeing as it was closed for four months and is presently receiving about a tenth or less of its capacity, seems a perfect award.
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    The future of Sosua

    Yep. That last batch of posts told me such a lot about the future of Sosua that I can throw away my crystal ball.. Very helpful guys....
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    Travel after curfew

    Arriving passengers need to carry their ticket and arrival doc. Departing travellers should carry their printed itinerary with them. Agreed transports with permits may circulate. You guys just love to complicate things....
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    The future of Sosua

    Current resident here.The place is picking itself up slowly as businesses start opening and there are a few more folks on the street during the day.(i'm not a night owl so leave that report to others.) The place is beautifully clean at present so let's hope it can stay the way and whilst the...
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    The future of Sosua

    Let me read that title again..Future of Sosua or Boca Chica? Confused..
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    The future of Sosua

    New Broom sweeps clean. Sosua is looking squeaky clean with Willy's workers doing a great job. I've not seen it that tidy before. Let's hope they can put a regular cleaning roster system in place and it's not just a flash in the pan to impress the locals. One is allowed to dream, no?
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    Eyes right.

    Has anyone here had recent cataract surgery in the DR,any town or clinic,and would like to share their experiences?
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    Self-Driving Cars

    Just been watching DV8's heartthrob James May talking about autonomous cars and that got me thinking about how they would function over here. With all the algorithms set to conform to normal driving practice and regulations built into the program I can imagine them sitting in the traffic...
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    Ranco Tipico Sosua

    Just heard they did the usual 'underaged minor on the premises' trick yesterday and closed it down. If true then it's yet another gringo run place closed. Does anyone have more info.?
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    Adventure anyone?

    I am hideously bored living in the paradise of the Dominican Republic. I could probably add most of the Caribbean as well but where O where can one find some adventure? I am absolutely not interested in sitting on a beach or seeing yet another 'Beautiful Paradise Beach' or chasing 'love for...
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    Birds and Bees

    I was just sitting out on my balcony and there is a splendid Avocado tree in full view a few metres (Yards for our NA readers) away and was fascinated by the antics of the Mocking birds. There is a handsome male who has been hopping along the wall all day doing his best chirpy chirp and showing...
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    Bats in the DR

    I don't see much in the way of bats around in the North Coast area. Wiki tells me that there are bats in the DR but I can't recall seeing any. Has someone got some personal experience on this and not the google results?
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    Circular Logic

    I now know how the selection process works for guachimen. I arrive this morning on my push-bike at the gate of a famous Sosua gated community this morning to go see a friend playing tennis. Me: "I'm going to the tennis courts". Guachie:"This gate is not to be used. Use the main gate." Me...
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    Still alive.

    I have an insurance policy in Belgium due for payout and they are asking for proof that I'm still alive, ( a rather Kafkaesque scenario.) Apparently one goes to the local Mairie in Belgium and gets a certificate of the non-dead and that's it but I'm pretty sure that will not work in the...