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    WTF? Price at Hotel Barcelo

    The breakfast buffet, all you can eat, was 955 pesos. Just saying.
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    WTF? Price at Hotel Barcelo

    Hotel Barcelo is a big landmark in the capital, at Av. Máximo Gómez and 27 de Febrero. Well, I just went to and looked it up. The page for that property was showing a price for the Superior room at $92 USD. WTF? It was $72 when I checked a few hours ago. It seems I used the search...
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    Driving in DR

    What if somebody causes crashes out of greed? What if somebody gets hurt? Best not to encourage them.
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    Driving in DR

    My nephew was recently driving in Santiago, crossing the southbound lanes of Avenida Hatuey to turn and go north. He was struck by a southbound car whose driver wanted my nephew to pay 2000 pesos for damages to the southbound car. I had thought my nephew would be at fault, given that he was...
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    Legal Analysis of TC 168/13 by Dominican Constitutional Expert Nassef Perdomo

    Legal Analysis of TC 168/13 by Dominican Constitutional Expert Nassef Perdomo
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    Haiti's new plan to take over Quisqueya

    Okay, their plan to birth Dominican citizens to Haitian parents failed. The Dominicans caught on and changed the laws so Dominicans born to Haitians illegally in DR won't get recognized as Dominican citizens. So here is their new secret plan: They're gonna have all their 18-year-old señoritas...
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    Apadridia, La Sentencia, Los Afectados y más

    Aprende más sobre La Apatridia, La Sentencia y Los Afectados.
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    one way to handle 30-day limit

    This is one option to consider. You can take a bus from Santiago to Dajabón and then walk to the Dominican port, pay US$20 to get your passport stamped. Then pay a motorcycle guy or simply walk to the Haitian side and pay US$7 to get your passport stamped to enter Haiti. Then take a motorcycle...
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    Ratty banknotes

    I have dealt only a little with Haitian currency, but I notice that the notes I have seen are way more ragged and dirty than most Dominican or USA notes.
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    Dajabón and Ouanaminte

    I was returning to USA and thought I might for variety pass through Haiti and PAP this time. I took Espreso Liniero from Santiago to Dajabón. They stopped dropping people at that corner where the other street leads to the bridge. Lots of men offered to ferry me on their motorcycles, which I...
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    Expo Cibao

    Yesterday I went to Santo Domingo and could not find a store that sells digital cameras. Somebody sent me to Astra and they had one demo left, but the battery cover was broken off. Nothing in Sambil or MegaCentro, but photo studios tell me they buy theirs on the internet. I also ran around the...
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    Himno Nacional

    You can find the words and download the music to the national anthem at I’m told they customarily sing the first half.
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    HTG-DOP exchange

    Today I visited the Banco Central office in Santiago to enquire. I was wondering about opening a currency exchange business. There is certainly one unfilled need, in Dajabón, where there is no bank or exchange house handling Haitian gourdes. The guy phoned Santo Domingo to find somebody who...
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    There are many guaguas de boladora operating out of Santiago. These tend to be the small buses with the man, el cobrador, hanging off, calling out the destination, Moca, Moca, Moca. Expreso Liniero also operates to Dajabón. You find these buses at Las Carreras esquina 30 de Marzo on the fringes...
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    Comedy movie: Tubérculo Presidente

    I was riding a bus and it was refreshing to have a movie that wasn’t lots of mayhem and machine-gun massacres. This one is Tubérculo Presidente, and is set in Dominicana. Folks from USA might imagine the Beverly Hillbillies in the White House.
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    Trip to Dajabón and back.

    On Sunday, 16 September 2018 I took Expreso Liniero from Santiago to Dajabón. It was an uncomfortable ride as the only seats were above the rear wheel and so I was stuck with my knees up for much of the time. The bus goes through Montecristi but I don’t know if that is your best route if you are...
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    Observation, American vs. JetBlue

    It’s an observation and not a criticism of American Airlines. I recently took JetBlue on one of their late-night specials to DR and the flight was delayed, but the passenger load was largely Dominican families. On my most recent trip, I took American, I changed planes at MIA for POP and even...
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    download the motoconcho route map

    Here is my contribution. It is on a new website I am still compiling. You can download a motoconcho route map at I asked for one at palacio municipal and the bureaucrat proceeded with the freedom of information law routine and then emailed it to me the next day...
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    East and West sound similar

    Santiago is more my stomping grounds, but when she is “Santiago de los Veintinueve Caballeros, porque ya estoy aquí,”* I am wondering if there are problems arising from the similarity between Santo Domingo Este and Santo Domingo Oeste because Oeste starts with O and Domingo ends with O. Do...
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    How come Spanish has Ser and Estar...

    How come Spanish has estar and ser when French has only one, être? And what day did the Italians decide to stop speaking Latin and start speaking Italian?