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    I am Back

    Hi Everybody, After almost 3 years out of the country and without posting in the f?rum, due to profesional activities in Mexico, I am glad to be back in my beloved Dominicana, and of course in DR1. I hope to find new friends and good vibes in my Project that I am resuming. Also you guys know...
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    Que vaina, perdio El Licey

    We have to wait for next year.
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    Casa de Campo World's Best Golf Resort

    Success at the World Travel Awards! Casa de Campo wins the "World's Leading Golf Resort" - for the 5th consecutive time! | Casa de Campo Living
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    Dominican robbed by 2 American tourists

    Apresan turistas EEUU por asalto - List?n Diario Digital
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    Miss Dominican trans

    Pick your favorite http://
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    Are We going crazy?

    RD$300 mil una mesa en show de "El Bachat?" - List?n Diario Digital Still having the worst economic crisis that affects us. this country has the luxury of charging from 800dlls to 8,000k for a table, plus ticket prices for a party-concert of a bachata singer. DNCD, CIA or DEA should be present...
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    New Beach-Plaza in Santo Domingo
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    NY Yankees !Que Verguenza !

    Its a shame that the Yankees let Tampa to win the last 3 games with the only purpose of not facing The Big Machine Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. It was very unprofessional the way Giraldy manages, especialy yesterday, when they blew a 7 run lead in the 8th. Why He didnt use Mariano in the 9th to...
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    AKON in Santo Domingo

    Akon will perform tonite at Kartodromo. If weather permit it would be The bonche of the year. In my opinion He has the best voice of r&b and Hip Hop.
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    Santo Domingo, Manhattan of The Caribbean

    Santo Domingo has it all A combination of an old european city, with the modern of manhattan. The heat and beauty of Miami, the flavor of Paris, and why not? El desorden de Calcutta.
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    Dominicana sweeps Cuba

    Rep?blica Dominicana le gana a Cuba en el Preol?mpico With 3 NBA players. and one of the best US College coach John Calipari. DR beat Cuba 90-60
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    Santo Domingo Traffic Updated

    Traffic in Santo Domingo East-West and viceversa in Ave. 27 de Febrero has improved considerably over the last few days, all thanks to the opening of the 2 new open tunnels. Friday 4:30pm from the entrance to Santo Domingo (Puente Juan bosch) to Ave. Caonabo 11mins Thursday 7pm, just 12 mins...
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    Sting in Altos de Chavon

    Tickets are almost gone, be hurry if you havent get them yet. I got my tickets today and there were lot of demand. He performed an excellent concert last time he was here. and the ticket prices are the same as 5 years ago.
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    For those who speak Spanish
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    Santo Domingo, Are you Ready?

    3 big events in Santo Domingo this week. Swedish House Mafia @ San Souci, March 25th tickets price 600DP-2,500 DP Marc Anthony and Chayanne @ Quisqueya Stadium, March 26th tickets price 900 DP-12,000 DP Shakira @ Olimpic Stadium, March 30th. tickets price 600 DP-10,000 DP Attendance for this 3...
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    AFROJACK in Santo Domingo

    2 weeks ago David Guetta, just Amazing.. This Saturday 19th Afrojack takes over control Santo Domingo @ San Souci Without any doubt Santo Domingo is the capital of nightlife in the Caribbean. SD is just getting better and better. all the streets looks so clean and paved. the Metro area, Anacaona...
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    Bye Bye AGUILAS

    Finally Aguilas del Cibao are out. See you next year. Big celebration in Santo domingo. Everybody to lincoln Ave. tonite.
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    Worst tapon ever

    If you are in Santo Domingo and trying to get out, you better stay home until 9pm. There is a tapon everywhere you move. I left Juan Dolio at 3:30pm. got into Santo domingo at 4PM, and just got home at 7:30. 3.5 hours. people just got crazy because the long weekend, paid day, rain and some road...
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    Miss Dominican Idiot

    Question: why santo Domingo deserve to be the cultural capital of America? Answer: because We have nice beaches and Santo Domingo esta Alante; E pa lante que vamos
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    Barahona & Bahia de Las Aguilas

    Thanks to Thomas trip report, I decided to take a short vacation to the South. Santo Domingo-Barahona-Bahia de Las Aguilas and some of the beaches in between. I left SD at 6:00am last Thursday, arrived around 8:15 in Barahona. the road is in good condition, just few kms are still in construction...