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    Rebuilding Aluminum Windows

    I'm looking for someone to rebuild/refurbish some aluminum windows that were manufactured by a Canadian company that is out of business. We have several windows that are in near perfect condition, but need to have the mechanism that allows the window to stay open replaced. I believe there are...
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    Great accountant on the North Coast?

    Like with so many professions here, finding a good (not even great) accountant here has been extremely frustrating to say the least. I'm looking for an accountant or accounting firm that can come in and clean up the Quickbooks accounting system, inventory, reporting, etc. for a condo/hotel in...
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    Looking to buy large flags

    Anyone know where I can find (preferably on the North Coast) good quality US and Canadian flags? The size I'm looking for is 4'x6'. Also looking to have another made of the same size with a printed or embroidered logo in the middle. I know I can order online, but hoping to find them locally...
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    Positions available at Velero Beach Resort in Cabarete

    Velero Beach Resort is looking to fill the following full-time positions: * Front Desk/Guest Reception (3:00pm to 11:00pm shift, possible flex time) * Guest Services Manager (reservations, excursion sales, group sales, etc.) * Assistant Property Manager (assist the Director of Operations on all...
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    Any luck with Claro Business Account Reps in POP office?

    I spent many an hour in the past (most of them less than worthwhile) dealing with the business department at Claro in POP. I don't even know if they have a separate department anymore. I've had much better luck dealing with the business center in Santiago, but it's only been about Cell/Data...
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    NFL Network Channel 71 on Delancer...GONE?!?

    I know there is a recent thread on NFL Network, but this is specific to the Sosua/Cabarete area so I started a new thread. I just got a "Bad Signal" message on NFL Network so I re-scanned my channels on the cable box and NFL Network is no longer 71 doesn't even show up! Anyone...
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    Looking for a special dinner tonight to celebrate the 4th?

    (Reposted from the Velero Resort page on Facebook) July 4th BBQ Special at Victor's @ Velero: Happy Hour: 4:00-6:00 pm - Ice Cold Presidente for $100 pesos Dinner: 6:00-10:00pm - BBQ Mixed Grill including: Pork Chop, Sausage, Chicken, and Beef Filet served with Potato Salad and Corn on the...
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    Importing renewable energy equipment (wind, solar, hydro)

    Not sure if this post makes most sense in Living, Legal, or Government, but I'm looking for information on DR tax incentives for companies (in this case a hotel) importing renewable energy equipment to improve the "green-ness" of the business and lowering the use of energy from Edenorte. I know...
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    Looking for Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

    They had it in La Sirena and Nacional in Santiago up until last month, but just checked recently and couldn't find it, looked at Bravo also. Has anyone seen it around? Preferably in Santiago or on the North Coast. It doesn't have to be Bragg's but it does have to be raw and unfiltered. Thanks!
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    Short but pretty strong tremor just felt here in Cabarete

    Anyone else feel that?
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    F'n AA!

    I was just checking fares from various cities to POP in January for a group looking to come to the DR. I checked flights from Denver, DC, and NY. All were about $100 cheaper than flying from MIA...on the same dates and the same MIA-POP flight!! adding a leg to/from MIA is cheaper than...
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    Long weekend for dia de Corpus Christi?

    Is this an official long weekend? Tomorrow's the holiday, but will offices and the like be closed on Friday as well?
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    No one in DR should go hungry!

    I was at the drive through of Banco Popular in Sosua today. While waiting to complete my transaction I looked ahead of me and saw a coconut palm, avocado tree, and mango tree...all with fruit and all accessible by anyone who was really hungry! Besides the 100's of thousands of fruit trees...
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    NFL Network on Delancer - replaced by MLB again!

    Delancer has once again replaced the NFL Network (channel 72) with the MLB Channel. I pay 100 pesos extra per TV for the package that contains NFL Network and now it's gone, presumably until the end of baseball season or the beginning of football season. To make matters worse, when no game is...
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    Posting Job opportunity at UASD, UTESA, PUCMM, etc...

    Do any of the big universities have some kind of Job Placement service? I'm looking to fill a position in Cabarete for someone with computer/web design skills and thought a recent Computer Science grad might be a fit.
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    No more free checked bag on American Airlines!

    As of April 8th, 2014, AA no longer allows one free checked bag when traveling between the Caribbean, Central America and the U.S., Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada or between the Caribbean and Central America, or US and Mexico. The first bag is now $25, the second is $40. Fees...
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    Careterra Turistica and the Huelga in Santiago today

    Two questions: Has anyone taken the Turistica lately? If so, anything to report condition-wise? I did a search and didn't fine any news since last May. Is the Public Transport Union Huelga for Santiago happening today? Any reports of problems in Licey or Tamboril? I know Licey usually gets...
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    Some Sosua Food Observations...

    First and probably biggest news...Grupo Ramos is moving full steam ahead with the construction of the new Super Pola. I have passed by several times after 8:00 pm and they are out there working under flood lights. The former Pluto's/Happy Bar referenced in an earlier post is NOT going to be a...
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    Chef Pepper deal!

    Chef Pepper's got a couple of great deals on their facebook/menu page, like a 1/4 lb. Angus cheeseburger, fries, and a 16 oz. Coke for 255 pesos, tax included...
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    Medical/Fitness Testing

    Does anyone know of a clinic or lab in the DR that does the following tests: DEXA Scan (Dual XRay) Bodyfat/Composition VO2 Max These are for setting a baseline before doing a fitness/diet regime, usually for athletes or people with health issues.