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    need baseball team for 10 year old SD

    my 10 year old dominican son who has been playing little league ball in NY for the past 3 years wants to play in SD, july - august break from school. does anybody know of any organized leagues those months? he's a hot player, his current team is in 1st place. appreciate any replies, thanks.......
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    frog in my cell

    if i'm ever in najayo prison and have a frog in my cell how should i handle it? from todays' news i see that calling out for help from guards won't get results. maybe kissing it could turn it into a handsome defense attorney. should it be saved for sundays sancocho? never know what's in it...
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    waikiki or punta cana

    two weeks ago on the american TV show "jeopardy", they gave away a one week vacation in punta cana at an adults only A-1, the price/value 6600$. then two days later they gave away a week at the marriot waikikki, hawaii, all included airfare. the price for hawaii was 5400$. i've been to PC many...
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    any metro updates?

    i haven't seen anything on this board about the metro lately and since it's been up and running for a few months now, what's up? are the stations being kept clean? are they dependable? ridership up or down? has it helped traffic congestion any? any turnstyle jumpers?
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    la pela/cialis warning

    la pela, the dominican equivalent to cialis, sold everywhere, no prescription, commonly sold in small packets comes in 20 mg dosage. that is 4 times the needed dosage, unless you are dead or one of several posters on this site. my night nurse pointed this out to me when i complained about side...
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    AA will lose your bag

    i just noticed while shopping for tickets NY to SDQ, i can't find anything that doesn't stop in miami or san juan. AA loses bags on direct flights. in miami, in summer, there is a thunderstorm everyday. baggage handlers do not work on the tarmac when there is a threat of lightning strike...
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    support from DR

    my daughter, a student at UNC chapel hill, is in south africa doing a veterinary internship. she has created a blog,, that details her experience so far, it has photos of rhino, zebra, etc. that she has taken. i'd much appreciate it if a few of my fellow DR1ers would check...
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    homer simpson in SD

    on last night's simpsons..........homer simpson's hometown springfield suddenly comes into windfall of 3 million dollars, marge simpson convinces everyone to spend the money fixing main street, a huckster appears on the scene and sells them a monorail instead. the first monorail driver is...
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    drunk joke

    drunk guy walks into a bar with a set of jumper cables around his neck. bartender says "i'll serve you but just don't start anything"........
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    free merengue show

    had to go into NYC today, i tune in the dominican radio station and although my spanish is poor, i heard that next saturday night about five or six big name merengue artists will be performing for free in support of President Leonel Fernandez, and he may or not be there himself. all of this...
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    metal roofing

    i have a rather large canvas awning, maybe 14 x 28, that covers one of my balconies. it got pretty messed up in Noel and i am going to have to replace it with metal. does anybody have a sq. ft. or sq. m. idea of what this stuff costs? i am not lookin for the wavy stuff, although it would give...
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    advice on towels

    if this saves some readers a few bucks it's worth my time to write it. i have been told by my staff in SD that i should only buy white towels from now on because dominican soap very quickly ruins the colors in those i have now. there is probably truth in this as i am sure they are not using...
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    picnic tables needed

    i will be in need of wooden picnic tables, about 4 to start. i can make them from simple plans using 2x6's. my question is, do you readers think that this would be more expensive than trying to buy them ready made, if they can be found? thank you in advance..............
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    xoom caribe express warning

    friday i send my sister in law 1k using xoom, to be picked up at caribe express. 1 hour later e-mail tells me money is ready for pick-up. saturday she goes to caribe express herrera office and is told no money is there for her, she waits 1 hour and then is told she has to wait 5 days. i call...
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    how far?

    can anyone give me the drive time from la romana airport to SD, thanks.........
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    cheaper airline tx

    i couldn't find any tx from jfk to sdq, july - aug, for less than 500 US, and most of those included long layovers. the good news is that on AA you can go jfk to san juan then on to la romana for 234 plus tax. so my 2 tx are costing me 758 as opposed to over a what if the...
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    electric question?

    i recently sent a 3 glass door, refrigerator-cooler, merchandiser, brand name True, to SD. it is not getting as cold as we would like. i had a AC guy check it out and the consensus was that the electric supply was not powerful enough, it is 110. could this be? any suggestions? has...
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    trump's apprentice

    how much time does trump's apprentice have until she is reduced to tears from trying to get something done in a normal manner over in cap cana?
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    where is

    i am trying to figure out where is urbanizacion real in SD. i am sure i've been there many times but since they don't have signs that denote "you are leaving gazcue and entering universitaria" i need help. thanks in advance...
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    not in oklahoma

    what is Tulsa backwards?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a slut what's a slut backwards?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,about a hundred dollars......